Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Corn Maze 2008


Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's also one of our busiest times because we try to fit all the fall activities (bonfires, hayrides, corn mazes, fall festivals) into one month, therefore our weekends have been stacked full. We went to a corn maze near our home a couple of Sundays ago with Beef's parent's church. The weather was just right. I remember 2 years ago when we went to a similar corn maze, but the temperature was freezing and almost too cold for the kid's to enjoy. But, this year was so pleasant that as you can see Beef was wearing shorts!

Can you believe Halloween is this week? Scamp has chosen her costume already and has worn it twice, once to a birthday party and once to our church's fall festival. Maybe if I don't tell you what the costume is it will give me more incentive to post again very soon.

BTW, I'm 17 weeks along and am feeling much better. We will find out the sex of the baby in two weeks. Maybe I'll post some belly pictures with the results of the doctor's visit, too.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

13 Weeks and Counting

You all are probably wondering where I've been. I've had to take a big break from the computer and reading due to nausea. Actually, my morning sickness hasn't been as bad as it was with Scamp, but blogging and checking email cause me to feel sick. I've been trying to catch back up, so if you've emailed me and I haven't responded this is why. I still have over 200 messages to check in my yahoo account. Thank goodness a lot of them are junk mail.

It's only one more week until I'm out of the first trimester, and I'm hoping the nausea will subside. I did have an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago to make sure the baby was planted in my uterus and not my fallopian tube again. Great news! He/she is right where they're supposed to be. Scamp was so excited to see the tiny baby on TV. She claimed the ultrasound photo as her own. We still won't know the sex of the baby until another 5 weeks or so.

This pregnancy has been somewhat easier due to less nausea although I am uncomfortable a good portion of the time. I'm ravenously hungry all the time, and it's been hard to try to limit sweets and other highly fattening things that taste so good during pregnancy but may cause excess weight gain. Ok, the dietitian is coming out in me.

I do have to monitor my weight a bit more because of the back problems pregnancy causes for me. I have a mild form of spina bifida (spina bifida occulta), a birth defect in which the spinal cord may be protruding through an opening at the end of the spine. In my case (and my mother's since mine is genetic), the spine was not protruding out at birth, but the lower vertebrae are fused together. This has not had much affect on me besides the fact I will never be able to touch my toes, and I have to use extra caution with certain exercises. But, due to the weight gain with pregnancy, I will continue to have increased back pain with all activities. I had to wear a belly belt with Scamp and go to physical therapy because even walking caused severe pain.

Anyway, back to the positive side. I am so thankful that everything is ok thus far with the baby. God has blessed us, and we are trusting that He will continue to carry us through the pregnancy. I miss you all and hope to resume normal blogging very soon.