Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Friday Tornadoes 2009

Our house still stands. My family is fine, but this is what happened to our neighborhood on Good Friday as a tornado, one of several, hit our city. These houses were less than a quarter mile from us. Beef saw the funnel cloud out our back window only minutes after Scamp and I arrived home from a lunch date with my family. It was a close call, a scary close call, but God kept us safe. I had no idea that when Beef called and told me to come home because tornadoes had been spotted that I was heading in the direction of one of the ones that would touch down, and yet our neighborhood was not hit the hardest. At least three tornadoes touched down in our city, and over a hundred homes were damaged or completely destroyed. Two people lost their lives, a mother and a 9 week old baby from our neighborhood.

Beef just happened to be cleaning out our stairwell closet that day when his dad called and told him about the tornadoes. As soon as Scamp and I arrived home, I grabbed baby Scoodle from her bed and shoved a few pillows and a blanket in the closet. Beef then saw the tornado, and we all got inside forming a pray circle with our girls. We didn't hear a sound unlike the last time we had to get in the closet. Our neighborhood has been hit more than once. About 5 years ago, a severe wind and hail storm hit during the middle of the night and damaged almost every home in our neighborhood. We were lucky it wasn't a tornado, but it did sound like a freight train whizzing by outside our house. Our next home will have a basement.

We are thankful for our lives and our home but feel saddened for those who didn't come away unharmed. We are thankful to all our family members who prayed for us and called to check on us afterward.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Who's Who?

Same outfit, same swing, same baby? The top is Scamp, and the bottom is Scoodle. Now I can really see how different and the same they look.

Introducing Baby Scoodle

With a new face and a new name, please welcome 3 week old Baby Scoodle. At close to 8 pounds (7 pounds 9 ounces at birth) she's one sweet ball of precious, literally. Her preferred method of sleeping is a tight ball on her mama's shoulder. With jet black hair like her mama and big sister at birth and her powerhouse burping skills like her daddy she's a laughing delight, and big sister Scamp seems to be the proudest little mama of all. Once her mama gets a few more hours of shuteye, she hopes to add even more pictures of her two pretty princesses.