Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Great Passey Exchange

My three and almost a half year old Scamp has still been sleeping with a pacifier. I've noticed many people have strong views about passeys, and I used to be one of those people who would question why a two or three year old still had a passey. It's hard to take away something that your child feels they need. Scamp is emotionally attached to her passey like other children are attached to their blankets or stuffed animals. Plus, her daddy and I are attached to it since it has so long served as a calming agent. It's hard to tell a three-year old in the back seat of the car no to her passey when she's screaming and crying uncontrollably.

This past week my mom (aka Nana) offered to buy Scamp the big-girl make-up she's been wanting for months if she threw her passeys away. We talked with Scamp about it everyday, and she would agree until naptime or bedtime rolled around. Finally, I set the passey-throwing away event for yesterday, Monday. As soon as Scamp got up, we cut up her passeys at her request then threw them in the garbage. But, her daddy and I hid two just in case.:)

Scamp and I got dressed and headed to Walgreen's to buy the Hannah Montana make-up kit she chose prior. Scamp was very excited. I even had Scamp tell the cashier why she was getting the make-up to help reinforce her decision to throw the passeys away. We got home and opened the box immediately and let her choose whatever colors she wanted. She called her Nana and her Meme (Beef's mom) to tell them the wonderful news.

I continued to talk with Scamp about how she wouldn't have a passey for nap today, but when her 2:00 pm naptime came, she freaked out. She came running into the bathroom where I was drying my hair, crying and saying she didn't want to be a big girl anymore. I tried to comfort her by telling her she could do it with her responding back that no she couldn't.

Finally, her daddy, who works from home, told her he would put her to bed. She was upset for about ten minutes, but he calmed her down by letting her watch a TV show before bed. She fussed in her bed for several minutes and finally fell asleep. The same reaction happened before bedtime last night as well. But, today was much better. She asked me to buy her more passeys, but she didn't cry for nap today. I'm proud of her and have been telling her that often. I hope the rest of the week goes as well as this afternoon. Way to go Baby Girl!

Silliness at the Doctor's Office

Today, I am 33 weeks and only have six more weeks left until my due date. Hooray! Last week's doctor's visit went well. The baby is growing. Usually, I take Scamp with me to my non-invasive visits (if you know what I mean) as I did this past week.

We are standing at the receptionist's desk in front of several other waiting patrons when Scamp asks, "Mama, do you have to pee in a cup today?"

I can see that the receptionist heard her when a huge grin appears on her face. I'm too embarrassed to turn and see who also has heard. I reply back, laughing, "Yes, baby, I do."

We are sent back to the restroom, and Scamp points to the cups and exclaims, "Get you cup, Mama." She can hardly contain her excitement. When it's her turn to use the potty, she lets me know matter-of-factly that she does not need a cup. "No, you don't, baby. No, you don't," I say trying not to laugh.

Oh, the laughs she gives me. I love my little Scamp.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A-Z Meme

Stole it from FB!

Give it a try, but you have to do it right. Copy this whole thing, go to your profile/notes/new note, right click and paste, put the subject back in the title line.

Then comes the hard part. Replace my answers with your own! Then over to the right you can tag as many of your friends as you'd like…include me too, please, so I can see.

- Available: nope
- Age: 30
- Annoyance: Why eating makes me feel so bad?!
- Animal: Cats, any type. I can't resist them!

- Beer: Never tried it.
- Birthday: You know if you know
- Best Friend: Yes please
- Blind or Deaf: Deaf
- Best weather: cool fall day, hot summer day at the pool
- Been in Love: Yes
- Believe in Magic: I believe in miracles.
- Believe in Santa: no

- Candy: chocolate with caramel
- Color: purple
- Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla ice cream, chocolate everything else
- Chinese/Mexican Food: anytime
- Cake or pie: cake
- Continent to visit: Australia
- Cheese: processed

- Day or Night: Day
- Dancing in the rain: no, who has time to take a shower afterward?!

- Eyes: brown
- Everyone's got: issues
- Ever failed a class: no

- First thoughts waking up: What do I have to do today?
- Food: Homecookin'

- Greatest Fear: persecution
- Goals: to be a writer
- Gum: no way
- Get along with your parents: yes, thank goodness!

-Hair Color: Highlighted
- Height: 5'8"
- Happy: hormonal!!
- Holiday: birthdays
- How do you want to die: peacefully

- Ice Cream: oreo
- Instrument: sax

- Jewelry: don't wear much besides my wedding rings
- Job: Baby Mama

- Kids: Can't live without them
- Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing
- Keep a journal: a blog

- Love: hard
- Laughed so hard you cried: Beef has several embarrassing stories, all of which make me laugh uncontrollably

- Milk: Mmm
- Movie: Pride & Prejudice
- Motion sickness: Often, even when I'm not pregnant
- McD’s or BK: McD's

- Number: 5 - my softball number. Boy, do I miss playing.

- One wish: to build a home

- Pepsi/Coke: Coke
- Perfect Pizza: Sausage, but had rather have something else altogether
- Piercings: Ears, but I don't wear earrings very often

- Quail: Chicken

- Reality T.V.: Jon and Kate Plus Eight
- Radio Station: whatever Scamp lets me listen to
- Roll your tongue in a circle: no
- Ring size: 5, I think

- Song: Anyone Scamp is singing
- Shoe size: 7ish
- Salad Dressing: nope
- Sushi: couldn't even try it
- Shower: wishful thinking
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries

- Tattoos: no
- Time for bed: 11:00ish
- Thunderstorms: Only if the power doesn't go out. I like my lights.

- Vacation spot(s): Beach

- Weakness: wanting things I can't have
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I'm proud to be an individual!
- Worst feeling: When you're about to pass out!
- Worst Weather: humidity

- X-Rays: need some

-Year it is now: 2009.

-Yellow: one of my wedding colors

- Zoo animal: Otters

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Professional Belly Pics

The one below will be for the baby's room.

I was hoping to post more Scamp pics today but I can't get to them. Ugh! Anyway, here are a couple of pics my SIL took for me (for those of you who haven't seen them on FB). She's so great to do this, and she got even more great shots I haven't gotten back yet. The weather has been so chaotic lately. These were taken a couple of Sundays ago when it was in the 60s here.

I am 32 weeks and counting. I am beginning to get anxious about having the baby, wanting it to be over and a little nervous about going into labor. My back is giving me some big issues, and I was seeing the chiropractor. I stopped since the pain relief was not substantial, and insurance doesn't cover very much of the cost. I may go back my last few weeks of pregnancy though.

I am thankful to not have any serious medical issues, no high blood pressure or high blood sugar. The baby is growing well, and I am getting to the "uncomfortable" stage. I've been waddling for awhile now! We've got a name picked out but won't be sharing it on the blog. I hope to email all of you with birth announcements though.