Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monster Glam Masquerade Ball

Many of you may know that my two sisters-n-law own a photography studio/event planning company, and this is their newest event. Not only is this going to be a fun, non-alcholic event, it will also be a silent auction where the proceeds will go to help Autism Awareness, a cause that hits close to home with our family. And because I love them so much, I want to do my part in helping them promote the event. I'm not sure how many people from this area (Middle Tennessee) read my blog, but I know every little bit of promotion helps. So here's their spill about it, and yes, I will be there and will be posting pictures afterward!

Magic 98.5, Studio Six Limited, & SHOP Magazine presents:
The Monster Glam Masquerade Ball working together for Autism Awareness.

1 in 150 children in America have Autism Spectrum Disorder.....and you can help!

"Be a part of the Hottest Costume Party of the Year!"
--- A 2007 HOT LIST Award Winner

Studio Six Limited, Magic 98.5, and SHOP Magazine are hosting The Monster Glam Masquerade Ball

What's Happening?:

Dance Competitions: Ballroom and Freestyle

Celebrity Guests Game

Karaoke Contest

Masquerade Fashion Show

Win a $1,000 Cash

Costume Contest and More!!

When: October 12th & 13th, 2007
7:00 pm to Midnight

Where: Garden Hotel - Cookeville, TN

Mask or costume required to enter

The Cookeville Chamber will be there along with the Ballroom Association to help judge the Ballroom Dance Competition.

We need YOUR help.....
All proceeds from our SILENT AUCTION will go to promote Autism Awareness through Hope Angels of Tennessee. If you have ANY item that you would like to donate, please e-mail me by October 5th. We are currently receiving generous items statewide including travel packages, gift certificates, and gift baskets. Every item helps us to reach another child with autism.

Promote Your Business while helping to support Autism Awareness...hundreds will attend....

For More Information or for tickets , go to:
Questions? - email:

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Scamp's Chuck E. Cheese Adventure


Still more birthday fun. This time with Beef's family at Chuck E. Cheese's. I made confetti cupcakes, and we ate tons of pizza and played tons of games. Scamp turned the big 2 and got a birthday crown to wear from Aunt Boppie. She also got a meowing kitty she coerced Papa into opening for her. It came with it's own doctor kit and bag that she carried around the rest of the night. She even knew how to use the stethoscope without anyone telling her how. They learn so much! She carried her kitty inside the toddler playhouse and if another kid even looked her way, she would yell "Mine" or "Stop It" with a corresponding "Be nice" from me. Meme and Papa also got her a Goldilocks and Three Bears playhouse. And all her cousins were there. Uncle Fluff Fluff and Aunt Boppie brought all 5 of them by themselves. Whew!! Click on the collage for an upclose view.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007

The challenge is on! Callapidder Days is hosting "Fall Into Reading 2007" as a way to set some goals for ourselves and read, read, read. The challenge is from Septemeber 23 to December 21. To participate, make your own reading list, and sign the Mr. Linky here by September 26. Then, you'll be entered in a drawing for a great prize.

I don't need much of a challenge to read fiction because I pretty much start a new fiction book every week or so. Non-fiction is a different story. I'm halfway through 3 non-fiction books and am dragging on finishing them, so this challenge will be great for me to set goals to finish them. Of course my list includes both fiction and non-fiction, and here it it:

Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol by Creston Mapes

The Truth Teller by Angela Hunt

Even Now by Karen Kingsbury

In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols

The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist

Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore

Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs

Confessions of an Irritable Mother by Karen Hossink

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Presents, Presents, and More Presents

I don't know why I haven't taken the time to post pictures of some more of mine and Scamp's birthday presents. We both ended up with some nice stuff and want to say thank you to our family and friends. Scamp was so excited when her Daddy put this little number together -- her very own house. Even Scratchy came over for a visit, but of course, not while Scamp was home! It came with it's own Scamp-sized oven! And she got lots of kitchen stuff thanks to her Nana.

I, on the other hand, wanted something a little more grown up. Hey, who am I kidding? I'm just a big kid at heart when it comes to toys. I asked for and received a beautiful turquoise cruiser bicycle with padded seat. Remember the days of the banana seat? My tush prefers to ride in comfort now.

I wanted a bicycle so hopefully I can get back into exercising on a regular basis. I used to love to go for walks. That's my ideal exercise, but about 4 years ago I developed a condition called plantar fasciitis, where the ligament on the bottom of you foot becomes inflamed and causes lots of pain -- pretty constant in my case. This prevents me from going on long walks or doing any type exercise that requires me to stand for long periods. But, I can ride with a lot less discomfort. Most people (95% as posted on several websites) are able to heal within 6 months to a year with good stretching habits alone. I am in the 5% group that doesn't heal and who may need invasive-type procedures to promote healing.

I've done all kinds of stretches, taken anti-inflammatory medications, had a cortisone shot in my heal, and went to physical therapy without much relief. My only two options left are shockwave therapy or surgery. Most insurances do not cover the shockwave therapy, and the quoted price from my doctor is $1500 per foot. I have it in both feet, and treatment isn't always effective the first time around. Insurance covers surgery, but recovery takes 6 to 12 months, time I don't have to spare watching a 2 year old.

Anyway, all of that to get to the good part -- a present I received from my mother: open-toed shoes that hold my big honkin' specially made blue inserts. Thank goodness I've never had a shoe fetish, but not being able to wear cute little open-toed shoes with all my other girlfriends is not always fun. But, my mom found a place that sells shoes that hold inserts. I got two pair: an open-toed sandal for church and a stylish knee-length boot. So, you won't always have to see me wearing my old gray tennis shoes. I use black Peds No Show Socks to cover my insert, so it's completely hidden.

It's a small blessing to have some nice shoe options now. And I have the perfect outfit for my boots. God blesses in big (having a wonderful mom who thinks of things like that) and small ways (having stylish shoes).

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Bride Most Begrudging

I am behind on my book reviews. I don't know why I love writing these so much. I finished "A Bride Most Begrudging" by Deeanne Gist. She is a new author to me as most of the authors I read are:) This is yet another Christian fiction/romance book.

Background: During the colonial period, England was having a difficult time trying to populate the colonies. Therefore, they developed a practice of selling brides from England to the tobacco farmers for 120 pounds of tobacco. The term "tobacco brides" was coined as unmarried spinsters and widows volunteered. But with brides becoming more and more rare, the English began selling female criminals and on several occasions women who had been kidnapped. This was just such the case in "A Bride Most Begrudging."

Synopsis: Constance is a young women of privilege, and unlike other women of her stature, had become educated in science and mathematics. She hopes to have success with a career in mathematics, which is not a highly acceptable for women. But, instead she ends up on a boat to the colonies, kidnapped, and forced to be sold as a tobacco bride.

Drew O'Connor is only looking for a woman to cook and clean for his family and servants, not a bride, but ends up with the feisty Constance as his wife who knows nothing about the life of a tobacco farmer. Both must learn how to accept the other and survive in the yet untamed land of Virginia.

The beginning of the book was slightly annoying to me. The first half deals with the banter between Drew and Constance, and at times, I found the dialogue and scenes quite silly. Although, I did get more into the book the second half as the characters began to grow and develop. The book is a true romance novel pulling at your heart strings every chance it gets. Sometimes, I had to put to book down because of its frustrating pattern of events. The book was fairly predictable but aren't most romances? If you enjoy a good heart-jerking love story, this book will not disappoint. It's also a fairly good period piece bringing in several historical events happening during the building of the colonies.

I also finished "Looking for Cassandra Jane" by Melody Carlson and am now reading "Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol" by Creston Mapes. Look for one or both of those reviews soon.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

This week we will travel back to either a special birthday you have been given or a memorable birthday you have had ...

How old were you? Was it a party, or just a memorable day? Tell us all about it!

One of my most memorable birthdays was my 12th, and mostly because my mom caught it on video. I was an awkward, lanky girl with braces, and a spiral perm. Hot pink was the in color, and big hair had made it's way to the south. It was the end of the summer, a perfectly mild day to have a party outside.

My mom invited both sides of the family on down to every last second and third cousin. We didn't have big birthday parties every year, so this one was the biggest that I remember. My dad set up the volleyball net to keep the adults occupied. I love volleyball now but was more into pop music and dancing at the time. All my female cousins 12 and under and I took my sister's boom box around to the back of the house to practice a big dance routine we were to perform for anyone who would watch.

My aunt Pam (at the time) thought she would video some of the practice and encouraged me to show her my "best" move. I would later come to regret this. As NKOTB rang through the speakers, I bebopped on down into what was known as the "push it." I don't know what possessed me to show off this new skill I had learned from another girl at school. She had watched the video to the song "Push It" by Salt and Pepa and showed me how to do it. Picture this, a skinny uncoordinated white girl trying to do a most unbecoming move that required me to be in the crab walk position. I am so embarassed!

My cousins and I wrapped up the dance practice and moved it around front to the porch. We decided the best song for our gig would be MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." My aunt videoed this portion as well, but it wasn't one of our best performances.

It was quite an eventful birthday. I got the present I had asked for: a NKOTB Donnie doll complete with twig, which I still have along with the Joe doll.

My mom pulls out the video for family members and friends (including old boyfriends) every chance she gets. I usually find someplace else to be during the "dance" segment."

And scroll on down to see some birthday fun!!

Tell us about your birthday. Join in at Annie's.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Scampin' Good Time

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Two princesses celebrated this weekend. We had one bash at Nana's with pizza, Dora cake, and ice cream. Scamp was especially excited about the new baby she got that came complete with a diaper bag, feeding set, and change of clothes. That baby (and the bag) has to go everywhere with us. Then, Nana took us girls out to Chili's today for yet even more cake. I guess I failed to mention we started the weekend off with donuts, followed by Scamp's cake, then my cake at Beef's family's. We'll be on a sugar high for the next several days. Click the collage for a close-up view!

Chocolate Fever: It's a Good Thing
Click the link to view the video.

Chocolate addiction starts early. Here's Scamp and I partaking of a very delicious Molten Chocolate cake for our recent celebration weekend. My mom is wielding the camera.

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Fall Into Reading 2007

The Fall Into Reading 2007 challenge hosted by Callapidder Days is about to begin. So, start working on your lists, post them on September 23 and sign the Mr. Linky here Sept 23 - 26, and read, read, read. And of course there's a prize!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Riddle Rhyme Giveaway

Poems can be used for any occasion, and I've been on a ryhme quest the last week or so. Therefore, I have written a rhyming riddle for you to solve. I hope it's easy enough, but if not I'll try to give more hints. You will probably need a calendar and an Internet search engine to figure it out.

I will be giving away a prize to the person who guesses it. If there's more than one solver, I'll draw a name out of a hat. The prize will probably be a book, but I may gear the prize toward the person who wins. This is not a requirement, but if you would please write a small post and link back to the article, I would be thrilled. Here we go:

Two girls, they are not sisters
But are related just the same.
There’s a generation between them,
And they share a similar name.

Two special events will happen
In which both girls will be blessed.
They’ll celebrate God’s gift of life,
One on the day of rest.

Tis not the Ides of March
Nor April, May, or June.
When this special occasion
Will happen upon us soon.

But add one to the day of Caesar
And half the date is revealed.
Still need another hint?
When did you first get behind the wheel?

The season of the equinox
When Autumn approaches soon,
This is the month; you're almost there.
But, don’t forget there’s two.

The original gal came first you see.
Then was joined by the latter.
One day past Mexican Independence,
And we had a whole new matter.

What two girls am I speaking of?
What events?
And what are the dates of the events?

If you can't figure it out, I'll give you a hint! And EMAIL me your answer at

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Photo Hunters: Plastic

Living in a world surrounded by plastic! Scamp doesn't seem to mind!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Trip with Baseballs and Bows

I've been blogging for almost a year now and have met my first blogging friend in person. Lauren from Baseballs and Bows lives in the same neck of the woods, so we met up at a local mall for a play date. Lauren's Best Girl and my Scamp were able to play together in the mall's play area while Lauren and I chatted. Our girls are only about a year apart. And we even discovered (before our face-to-face meeting) that we grew up in adjoining towns in the same county. Here's Best Girl and Scamp about to slip down the tree slide.

Scamp had to do a little boating. Even though she had a playmate, she still wanted me to sit right next to her while they were playing.

Lauren and her Best Girl being nice:)

We had a wonderful time meeting and hopefully we'll be able to meet up again since I had to race off to an eye doctor's appointment today. And I'm sure Lauren will be posting the pictures she took, too!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

ABC Poem

I found a creative idea from Slouching Mom. I do enjoy writing poetry and haven't had an inspirational poetry writing moment in awhile, so this was a challenging way to get me started again. Here is my ABC poem:

Anxiously becoming called,
Dallying, even forbearing,
Gradually, humbly I just kindle.

Laboring, my natural,
ongoing perception
quietly, readily stills.

Time’s unwasted verily
wanting Your zeal.

Yes, I know it may not make sense to you. I did have the aid of to find the "right" words because every word begins with the next letter in the alphabet.

Basically, it describes how I've been feeling about "my calling" to write. In plain English it says, I was anxious to feel God's calling on my life for my writing to be used by Him. Then, I started to doubt, feeling like the calling may have perhaps been just a burden instead since who knows if that's what He really wants me to do. I feel like I'm waiting and trying to listen to God (being quiet and still). And like most of my other poems, there's a hopeful or inspiring ending. Time seeking after God's truth is never wasted. I hope it makes a bit more since.

***After Beef read my poem he told me I had left a few letters out. I added them in but couldn't seem to find a good word for "X," yet.

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Shared Slumber Memories

Scamp is growing taller and talking with longer phrases. She'll soon out grow her frilly baby girl crib. And we've been preparing for this major event. Bea, Beef's grandmother, gave us his mom's childhood bedroom suit for Scamp, and we've already set it up in her room. We even found a matching desk with shelves from a yard sale for $10. Both will need a little upkeep with paint and a few stylish new knobs though.

Beef set up her bed a few months back, but Scamp is yet to sleep in it. She prefers the safe confines of her barred crib. She even loves to climb out of her crib onto her big girl bed but is too afraid to sleep there yet. We bought a pink and purple castle comforter for a steal at Kohl's, which caused her such excitement. Scamp bounces and plays and jumps off the bed. She tucks her babies, Chrissy and Cassie, into bed but won't join them. She's still our baby girl, and we won't be moving her sleeping arrangements just yet. But, maybe a filly pink canopy for the posts of her bed will change her mind. I'll have to add pictures of her finished room before long.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Photo Hunters: Music

A Toddler Trio.

Karaoke anyone?

A Band of Misfits.

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One Year Ago Today

Scamp at this time last year.

Scamp today before nap time. She has gotten so much taller although you can't tell by the pictures, and her hair has gotten so much lighter. I will have to post more one year ago today pictures.

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Bathroom Remodeling

We purchased our home from HUD (Housing and Urban Development) back in '02, which means our home was repossessed from the previous owners. It ended up being a great deal money wise, but we had to put in extra work for repairs. Beef, his dad and brother had to relay new carpet and linoleum for most of the house, and we had to repaint everything within a month's time to have the property value of the home assessed. Thus, we painted every wall a neutral color.

Over the last few years, we've slowly added some color to the rooms, and of late I've decide it's time to redo our downstairs half bath. First of all, I decided to paint the bathroom yellow. My cousin has a beautiful yellow utility room, and with this in mind, I chose a brightly colored yellow hand towel to match the wall paint with. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but once we were finished, the room literally glowed a neon yellow. You can tell the color of the room even before approaching if the light is on. A yellow glow exudes forth from the door.
I have bared with this color for a couple of years now and want to tone it down a bit. Therefore, I'm adding (well, Beef will be doing most of the physical labor) a checkered black and while tile pattern to the bottom half of the room. The vanity is a glossy black marble color (not the real stuff). I think the black/white theme will go nicely. This is the only room that doesn't "match" the rest of the house. And I'm torn between just putting up the tile and leaving the glowing walls or repainting with a softer yellow. Although the brightness may go well with the bee theme.

I have two black-framed picture collages that go well with the yellow that I'll leave on one wall. Then, I'm adding a white wall cabinet with towel bar to serve as a medicine cabinet. It will take the place of the gold towel bar. I preferred not to add an authentic medicine cabinet with the mirrored door because it will already sit right next to the vanity mirror. Lastly, I'm going to add a black and white rug -- which I have not purchased yet -- to tie everything together. I'll be updating you on our progress. Hopefully the look I chose will actually be the look I had in mind -- unlike my first go around.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pictures and Books

It hasn't really been too busy of a week. I've just found a few other things to occupy my time the last couple of days. I am so behind on ordering my most recent pictures. One thing about a digital camera is that I take 100s of pictures, then have to sort through which ones to upload. It takes up a good deal of time, and that's what I've been doing during Scamp's nap today.

We went to the library earlier to return a movie that Scamp borrowed. I wanted to check out some religious children's books that aren't necessarily about Christmas. They didn't have a whole lot available, so do you guys have any good toddler books at home that you could give me the titles for? Scamp has a couple of Baby's First Bible books and a few about Noah's ark, but I don't have any really good reads about Jesus. I am specifically looking for some that rhyme. Please give me some ideas if you have any at all.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

Annie made time travel incredibly easy this week! We've traveled all over our lives and today we are going to travel to yesterday. If you live in the US, you probably celebrated Labor Day in some way... even if it was just staying home for the day. What did you do yesterday, who did you spend time with? What was the highlight of the day? Were there any disappointments?

If you visit my blog enough, you know I love slideshows. So here's my most recent one from yesterday. We spent the first part of the day lounging. I was in my pajamas until about 3 pm until I had to get ready to go to the in-laws for some water fun. Meme and Papa found a huge Wal Mart clearance sale and came home with a monster of a water slide. We missed getting to see Meme take her turn down the slide literally flipping at the end!! That would have been the picture to have! We finished up the day with a cookout, then home to bed. How was your yesterday? Join in the fun at Annie's.

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