Monday, September 10, 2007

Shared Slumber Memories

Scamp is growing taller and talking with longer phrases. She'll soon out grow her frilly baby girl crib. And we've been preparing for this major event. Bea, Beef's grandmother, gave us his mom's childhood bedroom suit for Scamp, and we've already set it up in her room. We even found a matching desk with shelves from a yard sale for $10. Both will need a little upkeep with paint and a few stylish new knobs though.

Beef set up her bed a few months back, but Scamp is yet to sleep in it. She prefers the safe confines of her barred crib. She even loves to climb out of her crib onto her big girl bed but is too afraid to sleep there yet. We bought a pink and purple castle comforter for a steal at Kohl's, which caused her such excitement. Scamp bounces and plays and jumps off the bed. She tucks her babies, Chrissy and Cassie, into bed but won't join them. She's still our baby girl, and we won't be moving her sleeping arrangements just yet. But, maybe a filly pink canopy for the posts of her bed will change her mind. I'll have to add pictures of her finished room before long.

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Vader's Mom said...

I had that furniture too!! How funny :)

Heart of Rachel said...

So pretty! I'm excited to see the final look. I'm sure it will be fit for a princess.

Sonya said...

I can't believe you got that desk for $10! What a great deal! Scamp's room is gonna look awesome!