Thursday, November 13, 2008

Think Pink

Today was the big ultrasound day. Everything seems to be happening much quicker this pregnancy. After several measurements and many minutes of chasing the little squirt around with the ultrasound (the babies' a fast little thing), the ultrasound tech told us some surprising news: we're having another girl! I was sure she was going to be a boy because I really thought Scamp was a girl, and I was right. Not that I wanted a boy over a girl.

One good thing is we won't need a lot of new clothes, crib bedding or blankets. Everything's already pink (or purple). I have at least 5 large storage boxes overflowing with Scamp's outgrown clothes. She's only in a 3T now. Plus, all her toys are pretty princesses and frilly dollies. Another plus is we are going to way outnumber Beef. He loves it! (Scamp usually takes his side though.)

Scamp is overjoyed to be a big sister, and she's getting exactly what she wanted, a baby sister. We are thrilled to have another girl. I wander what her nickname will be on Scamp's Place. I think I'll call her Squirt for now. I might even do a new blog title.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Belly Bump

As promised, here are the pictures of the "bump" at 18 weeks. No one has stopped me yet to ask if I'm pregnant.

My belly button started poking out a long time ago. I told Scamp the baby inside was growing and pushed my belly button out. She talks about this often. I wander how she really comprehends this.
The belly looks much more pronounced from the front. I definitely look pregnant from this angle.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Super Scamp to the Rescue

Super Scamp is seen here in a rare photo of her practicing to fly. Her technique was superb from the beginning, but her landings were a bit rough at first.
After only a few days of training, Super Scamp and her sidekick Kung Fu Kitty were needed at the local Fall Festival.
Apparently, a few pumpkins needed her artistic expertise, yet another of her many Super Scamp powers.
Later, she was asked to escort her super tall dad down the dark streets of our neighborhood. He was too frightened to trick-or-treat at the "Scary House," but Super Scamp had the monsters bring the candy out to them away from the danger. Her sweet and innocent disguise melts even the scariest of hearts. Tune in next time for more adventures of Super Scamp and her furry pals.