Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

This week we will travel back to either a special birthday you have been given or a memorable birthday you have had ...

How old were you? Was it a party, or just a memorable day? Tell us all about it!

One of my most memorable birthdays was my 12th, and mostly because my mom caught it on video. I was an awkward, lanky girl with braces, and a spiral perm. Hot pink was the in color, and big hair had made it's way to the south. It was the end of the summer, a perfectly mild day to have a party outside.

My mom invited both sides of the family on down to every last second and third cousin. We didn't have big birthday parties every year, so this one was the biggest that I remember. My dad set up the volleyball net to keep the adults occupied. I love volleyball now but was more into pop music and dancing at the time. All my female cousins 12 and under and I took my sister's boom box around to the back of the house to practice a big dance routine we were to perform for anyone who would watch.

My aunt Pam (at the time) thought she would video some of the practice and encouraged me to show her my "best" move. I would later come to regret this. As NKOTB rang through the speakers, I bebopped on down into what was known as the "push it." I don't know what possessed me to show off this new skill I had learned from another girl at school. She had watched the video to the song "Push It" by Salt and Pepa and showed me how to do it. Picture this, a skinny uncoordinated white girl trying to do a most unbecoming move that required me to be in the crab walk position. I am so embarassed!

My cousins and I wrapped up the dance practice and moved it around front to the porch. We decided the best song for our gig would be MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." My aunt videoed this portion as well, but it wasn't one of our best performances.

It was quite an eventful birthday. I got the present I had asked for: a NKOTB Donnie doll complete with twig, which I still have along with the Joe doll.

My mom pulls out the video for family members and friends (including old boyfriends) every chance she gets. I usually find someplace else to be during the "dance" segment."

And scroll on down to see some birthday fun!!

Tell us about your birthday. Join in at Annie's.

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

That was great! I remember NKOTB! The performed at our Grad Nite! Everytime I see Donny Wahlberg I think of New Kids on The Block!

Thanks for stopping by Gabi's World!

annie said...

Aw, the old days... spiral perms, big bangs and hot pink!
There's a video of me singing "the body electric" at a talent show that I wish I could burn!!!

Nancy Face said...

Wow, what an awesome, huge party! Thanks for sharing your fun memories!

Sonya said...

LOL! I had a red leather jacket and a sequence covered glove back in the 80s. I wonder who I could have been listening to? LOL! Michael Jackson! I'm such a geek!

Anonymous said...

what a great party!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh my goodness! The picture I have in my head of you doing "Push It" is hilarious. You made me laugh out loud (and my dh gave me one of his Whatever! looks...) with the crab walk comment.
Please come over. I have an award for you.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I bet those home videos are really priceless now :) My husband has one from his teenage years and if his mom pulls it out on vhs tape, he leaves the room and wont' watch :)

Great memories!

Corey~living and loving said...

LOL that was so fun to read! Sounds like a fun time...and a memorable video! :)

Theresa said...

Wow It was like I was there- practicing to be a valley girl with the perm and the pink huh?

Moral of the story -never dance for the video camera, it can only come back to haunt you :)

Great memory