Monday, September 17, 2007

Chocolate Fever: It's a Good Thing
Click the link to view the video.

Chocolate addiction starts early. Here's Scamp and I partaking of a very delicious Molten Chocolate cake for our recent celebration weekend. My mom is wielding the camera.

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Matt said...

Well, if we can be certain of one thing, it's that she got both her rhythm and compulsion to dance from her Momma. :)

I love this video. I'll have to be sure and remind Dad and Mom to check it out. :)

Love you!

Vader's Mom said...

So cute, but I can't believe you guys left cake.

Jeff was cracking up when she put her fingers in it. I think she really should be related to us.

Sonya said...

Cute video! I love how she was eating and dancing, like she had no other care in thw world!

All I will say is that when I go to Chili's and get this cake, my plate is so clean that the kitchen staff doesn't even have to wash it! And don't ask me to shar my cake! Get your own! LOL!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

This is too cute! Love her flipping her hair around and dancing, and then she she started sticking her fingers in it, I cracked up even more :) But hey - she looks like she's eating more ice cream than chocolate. You better work on that!

I LOVE those molten cakes, but like Sonya said above, when I eat one, the plate is absolutely cleaned. They don't even have to wash up after I finish, because I eat every last drop :)