Friday, November 10, 2006

"Who Stole the Cookies?"

My friend Greyson and I hosted a Mystery Dinner Party back in April. What fun. We performed the mystery, "Who Stole the Cookies," where storybook characters come to life in a library. Greyson played Mrs. Bookworm, the librarian. We had a four course meal and everyone pitched in and brought a dish related to their character ie. The Queen from Snow White brought an apple dessert, Alice in Wonderland made Mushroom Soup.

Greyson and I made the invitations using our scrapbook crafts. I submitted the picture of them in the Merri Mysteries' (where we got the mystery) decor contest, and we won a free mystery!

We all voted at the party for best costume and Julie, Greyson's sister-in-law won. We gave prizes to the costume winner and everyone who guessed who stole the cookies. We will do the next party after the holidays. I'll be sure to post pictures.

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