Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Eve with Santa Scamp

I took so many pictures that I had to make two slideshows. We spent Christmas Eve day at my Grandma's house. Scamp wore her Santa outfit and tried to steal all of Bubby's toys. My Grandma wrapped up an old doll my mom had as a child and gave it to my mom for Christmas. Poor doll -- it had been in the barn since my mom was a little girl. It's hair was all gone (don't let my mom near you with scissors!), and it was splotchy with age.

We went to my mom's house that night and opened all of our presents there. Scamp got a Dora four-wheeler and a homemade toy box from my dad.

We had a pretty small Chrismtas at home. Santa brought Scamp a lamp for her room and a V-Smile game for the TV. I got a DVR and Family Feud DVD game. Beef got a wireless guitar for the Guitar Hero game, Ice Age DVD, and a couple of geek shirts. He still has another present coming. I'm getting a little angry because I thought it would arrive before Christmas. I forgot to take any pictures on Christmas Day at our house, but I got lots of video. I can't believe Christmas is over!!


Vader's Mom said...

jeff got Ice Age too!!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I love how you called them "geek shirts"! LOL :)

Happy New Year to you guys!