Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Justified in His Sight

This poem is a testiment to God's love breaking through my chains of despair and lies about my self worth written in Break These Chains on my poerty blog. Sometimes, I do resort back to those lies, but I'm trusting that God will continue to make a way for me to see the truth. He loves and adores me and has made me justified. Like the book the Search for Significance says being justified is not just being forgiven, it's being made righteous and worthy of being in the presence of God. Jesus accomplished that as He died upon the cross for my sins. He took my sin as I took His righteousness and became blameless. God does not see my sin when He looks at me. He sees the righteousness Jesus has bestowed upon me. Righteousness as written in the American Heritage Dictionary is "morally upright; without guilt or sin." What a wonderful way to be viewed by God!

Justified in His Sight
God knows me intimately,
More than anyone else.
He is not deceived by my fa├žade.
The one I created for myself.

He sees me through eyes of purity.
He sees me standing alone
With no covering of imperfection.
He knows me as His own.

He pulled me from the darkness
Helpless as a lamb.
He saved my very essence
From the hopeless Hell of man.

I have been made righteous.
I wear a robe of spotless white.
I carry my Father’s seal.
I am justified in His sight.

I know what Christ has accomplished.
His truth has set me free.
I will walk among the angels
In Christ’s home of victory.

But, I’m not in heaven yet.
There is a truth to be made known
To all those who seek Him
And want Him for their own.

Christ died upon the cross
He bore the sin of all.
He took what was my punishment
And freed me from the Fall.

He has come to give me life
And give it more abundantly.
He sees me as I am
And loves me just as He created me.

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