Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tell Me What You Think

I stole this from Stacy and Stacy, two very sweet people!

1. As a child, what did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up? I considered several careers when I was little: teacher, basketball player in elementary school, dancer/singer (which I can do neither!) as a middle schooler, then doctor as a high schooler.

2. If you had to choose one thing that you’ve always dreamed of doing, what would it be? Go to Australia. This would be a trip of a lifetime for me!

3. Who is your biggest fan? probably my mom.

4. What bible study or book (besides the obvious-the Bible) has most impacted your life to date? The Purpose Driven Life - I've read it twice, it's impacted me both times.

5. When are you the happiest? when Scamp is in my lap giving me kisses and when Beef, Scamp and I are all in the bed together.


Vader's Mom said...

I wanna go on your dream vacation too. Think we can convince our men of that?

I'm so glad that you played along.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'm so glad you played too! Loved reading your answers. Australia would be awesome and that sounds like heaven to me, your happy times. What a lucky girl you are, so very blessed to have your family :)

Have a great day!!!