Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog Talkers #6

Is parenting harder today than our parents had it?

The emotional distress of parenting was the same for my husband and I as it was for my parents. We are blessed with these new little babies and fall head over heels in love with them. We continue to love them more and more each day and have our heart strings yanked as they walk farther and farther away from us.

It starts with watching them grow from tiny babies we hold in our arms to toddlers who fight to be free of our grasp. Then, they become children who don't want to be hugged or kissed by their mom as the are dropped off at school. I have yet to experience this, but the thought alone breaks my heart and that's not even thinking ahead to when my child leaves home. As parents, we will go our entire lives worrying about our children. We will have to let our children go even though we desparately want to hang on to them.

A few days after Scamp was born, I was up late with her one night. She wouldn't go to sleep, and I was exhausted and tearful. My mom called at 6:00 am to check on us, and I was mad because she woke me up. She could have waited two hours to check on Scamp, but she didn't. She told me the next day that she had been awakened from her sleep with a feeling of dread that something was wrong with ME! She was up half the night and waited as long as she could to call. She was worried about her baby, not mine. I was so ashamed of my thoughts, but yet so blessed to think that my mom still feels the same about me to this day as she did the night she fell in love with me as a baby.

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Matt said...

Wow... you're already thinking so far ahead! I guess I haven't even let myself consider what it's going to be like when Baby Girl isn't interested in being carried everywhere by her Da-dee anymore. Breaks my heart to even imagine...

Still, I know it's up to us to do our very best in raising her not only to be a well-adjusted young lady, but also to always keep a love for God first and foremost in her life. If I can look at Lianna 20 years from now and see a Godly young woman, then I know I will not have lived my life in vain. :)

Rob said...

So true that whilst your Mother will have had concerns for her Grandchildren (and that she knows you'll sort them) she'll keep wondering who is looking after her own children.

Very touching response.