Friday, February 23, 2007

Blog Talkers #8

What is your most annoying habit? The thing that drives someone else crazy…..

My hubby would say leaving piles of paper EVERYWHERE, especially on his computer desk and on the coffee table. I'm not a neat person. I used to put that I was organized on my resumes, but that's a total lie. I believed the lie for awhile, but then it dawned on me. I'm just not coordinated. I'm also a little lazy. Why put things away if you're going to use them again soon -- does two weeks later count as soon?

On the other hand, I tend to know exactly where I've left things even though they aren't in a drawer or on a shelf. Wait. . . No. That's a lie, too. I think I know where everything is, but most of the time I have to search and search for hours for my lost keys, my license, my books, my clothes, my baby. Joking! I've never lost the baby (except for that time she followed the cat under the bed, but I eventually found her!).

Sorry, Honey, I know I have a pile of papers on your desk now, but I haven't found a place to put them yet! It's important that you leave them right where they are, so I don't lose them. Thanks. I love you, too!!

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Sonya said...

I do this too! So funny! I have a big stack of homeschooling materials in the floor beside my desk right now! On top of that, I have a stack of work the girls have done this week that I need to grade! If anyone moves it, I can never find it! I need for it to be in that pile in the floor! LOL!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, I do make piles, and I always know where things are, but mostly I do consider myself organized. As long as it works for you guys, it's all good. And if it really is a problem, then you're half way there because you've always recognized it and admitted it :)

OK, Mrs Dr Phil, I'll stop the therapy now. hehehe

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!