Friday, February 16, 2007

Cat in the Closet

Scratchy (aka Kitkat, Kitty, Ki) had to find a new hiding spot. His last spot was under our bed, and you've seen the pictures of Scamp under there with him. She has found and overtaken every favorite spot of his but has not invaded his last sanctuary, our closet. Yes, this is the bottom of our walk-in closet or stand-in and stretch closet because you can't manuever around in there.

I find him there throughout the day. Sometimes, he's trapped because I forget he's there and close the door. But, he doesn't seem to mind. Tuesday, Scamp and I left for a 4-hour stretch of time and when I came back, I found him. No way out, no way in. Just like he likes it. I opened the door to allow him to escape, but he lazed around in there for another 2 hours. It will be his special space for now, until Scamp learns to open the door!

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Vader's Mom said...

Poor Scratchy. He's such a good cuddle buddy that I can't believe he likes that much alone time! :-)