Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend Reflection

We had our carpets recleaned on Tuesday by another company, who tried but weren't able to fix what the other carpet cleaners left from last week. However, yesterday the first cleaners called me after reviewing my Better Business Bureau complaint about them and offered to reclean our carpets (a $300 value) for free. In return, they wanted me to recontact the BBB and let them know that they fixed the problem. God was looking out for us!! And thanks to Stacy who recommended I notify the BBB.

We are down to the last details for the Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday, and my house is so clean for it!!

We had a couple of beautiful spring-weather days after the frost and snow from the last week and a half. Scamp and I had a picnic and went to the park to play on one of those days. It was a wonderful bonding day!!

Miss Judith, my mentor and friend, watched Scamp half a day while I went to visit my friend's son, David, who is in the hospital with leukemia. He's going through his second round of chemo. He doesn't feel too well, but he's still in high spirits.

What a difference it makes when you praise God even when you don't feel like it! He blesses you far more than you could ever imagine.

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Sonya said...

Glad you are getting the carpet situation straightened out! I think I would have had a nervous breakdown! Thanks also for mentioning David again. It helped remind me that I need to continue to pray for him and his family!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad the carpet thing is falling into place! :o)

Sounds like you had another good week! So glad to hear that!

Y'all enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Glad that carpet issue is being resolved! Glad you had a good week. Still praying for David.

Vader's Mom said...

Glad you were able to fix that nasty carpet problem and I can't wait to hear about the Murder Mystery Dinner. Your photos from the first one were so great! Have a wonderful time :)