Thursday, May 03, 2007

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Who generally does the housework in your family? Do you say “Thank You” to your significant other when he/she does housework? Why or why not? Are you thanked when you do housework?

Even though I am a stay-at-home mom, I would never call myself a homemaker:) That to me entails that you actaully "keep" the house and may actually enjoy it! I loathe housework, but I do more than I used to since Scamp was born. I do enjoy a clean house, but I let a lot of things go out of sheer laziness, the fact I have other things I would like to do, and that it is harder to really "deep" clean with Scamp around.

Now that's said, who does the most housework? I would say it's a close wash between my husband and myself. I do more vaccuuming, mopping, dusting, and bathroom detail, but we both share in kitchen duty and laundry. I hate cleaning the dishes, but I don't mind laundry so much. Beef's the opposite in that he had rather load and unload the dishwasher. I always thank his mother for teaching him to clean.

When Beef was a young, his mom asked him to clean up the dishes one night, and he wryly replied, "That's woman's work." Needless to say he was responsible for cleaning the dishes until he left home! Thank you, Suzanne.

Beef and I both try to be considerate and grateful when the other does housework. We feel it is both of our responsibility, and we both like to feel appreciated. I think it is also fair of me to mention that Beef does the yardwork and car detail including changing the oil. Thank you, Honey!!

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Lu said...

Since Hubbie and I both working outside the home...we try to share responsibilities! I usually take care of washing and folding the laundry..but he usually does the ironing. He does more dishes and I take care of Bubbie at night more... Kinda trade off! Unfortunately I had to train my Hubbie! His momma did EVERYTHING for her kids and now that they are grown they have had a harder time! My child will not be like that! Hee Hee! Oh well! After 5 yrs- he's great!

Mike said...

I read somewhere that stay-at-home mom, if they would be paid for what they do, will earn $138,000 a year.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading your answer! Your relationship with your hubby and the cleaning is so much like mine. It's wonderful to have a husband who acknowledges the fact that it should be a shared duty. :o) Loved teh story of him doing the dishes as a kid, LOL!

Sonya said...

I do most of our housework because I'm a little OCD. I like it done my way. The girls are a huge help though. I let some things go now that I used to freak out over. They are also helping me cook more so I am glad of that!

BTW, I tagged you :-o)

Brenda said...

Yes I'm a little OCD myself too! However there are the rare times when even my compulsion to clean is left buried under the rising mounds of dirty laundry because of the other demands in my life. Thankfully my husband recognizes these moments and decides that with everyones sanity at stake ( when Mommy's overwhelmed nobody's happy!)he'll pitch in. He is always thoughtful enough to notice when I've cleaned and thanks me for all I do. He truly is a gift from God!