Monday, June 11, 2007

Blog Talkers

What are your opinions on the subject of giving personal information out in your blog entries? Do you use the real names of the people you blog about? Have you ever had a bad experience with someone getting ‘too much information’? I’d like to know: Do the people that you blog about ever complain that you are blogging about them?

I would have to say I am a bit cautious when it comes to blogging about personal information. I think I'm a little more scared with all the negavtive news of online predators. I haven't mentioned Scamp's real name on my blog and probably won't. I sometimes do list others' names even some of the children in our family because I don't post very many pictures of them, so I feel more secure using their names.

I try not to post any "in-the-buff" pictures of Scamp and my nieces and nephews. I also don't include any pictures or write any info about my address. I'm even a little wary about posting specific dates like anniversaries and birthdays.

I have not had a bad experience with someone using my personal information. My cousin's husband, however, had his identity stolen, and they've had a very long trial with getting the thief to stop charging items with his name and info.

No one has ever complained to me about writing about them. Most people like that I do include them. I think it's a way to tell them how special they are to me, but I'm still cautious not to relay infomation or show pictures that they may find offensive (except once -- that I no of -- with a no make-up picture of someone else. Sorry, I didn't have another one but wanted you to be included).

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Sue said...

That is so scary about identity theft! It is something I am personally concerned with. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week ahead!

Simply Dawn Marie said...

I've been thinking about have I been putting too much info on my blog and I guess since we don't have kids I'm not so worried and before I put pics of my niece and nephews I make sure it's ok with my brother and hubby's sister. Have to admit your post has got me to thinking maybe I should stop putting names in my post.