Friday, June 15, 2007

The Christy Challenge

Shauna at Shaunarumbling is hosting The Christy Challenge to encourage others to become acquainted with Christian fiction in order to "challenge and inspire their faith" as she is doing herself as well. The Christy Awards are given each year to "recognize excellence in Christian fiction written by contemporary authors and highlighting the breadth and diversity of Christian fiction."

In order to participate, click over to the Christy Award website, and choose one of the nominated authors and books from this year or winners from previous years, then review the book on your blog within the next month. The challenge is ongoing until July 31. Remember to comment on her blog as well to let her know you are participating and steal the button from her page for your sidebar if you'd like.

Shauna will also try to interview some of the nominated authors, so check back to her blog often for those upcoming posts.

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