Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Reflection

Scamp and I were able to go swimming a couple of times this week, once with my sister, niece, and nephew and once at a local pool were we live. It brought back a lot of old memories of my cousins and I swimming when we were young.

Friday was an excruitiatingly long day for me as a SAHM. Scamp seemed to be pretty needy (she typically is), and I was emotionally exhausted. But with God's help, we were able to make it through.

We had another "Cousins Club" breakfast -- my mom, sister and some of our female cousins that we grew up with. Treva and her oldest daughter hosted it this time instead of us meeting at Cracker Barrel. The food was delicious, and we all brought vacation photos to share. Beef watched Scamp, so I could enjoy a little time off. Later, that day, Scamp and I went shopping with my mom, then Beef and my dad met us at Cracker Barrel for supper.

We had a very good Father's Day, not like Mother's Day where we spent the weekend at the hospital and doctor's office (remember lightening strike and cat bite). We were very thankful. We all got a good nap after church, then headed over to my mom's for cake and homemade ice cream.

I was accepted into an online writing class but haven't decided if it's the direction God wants me to take in pursuing my writing. If you wouldn't mind praying for God's will on this.

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annie said...

The online writing class sounds interesting! I took several creative writing classes in college and loved them.
Have a great day.

Sonya said...

There are always interesting things going on at your place! The writing class sounds neat and I'll certainly pray about that.