Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Reflection

Aw, the close of another week! It was very busy, and not everything was fun and games. I can't even remember what happened on Monday! But, Tuesday I had a dentist appointment scheduled. I dropped Scamp off at a friend's house, came home to pick up my cell phone, and the car started leaking fluid and overheating! I couldn't leave then, so I called to cancel my appointment. Beef came home, so that I could go pick up Scamp. Thankfully, I didn't break down in town, and Scamp had a safe place to stay! Thanks for watching her, Tiff!

Wednesday was water park day. You can see the slideshow below. My sisters-in-law were so sweet to invite us along, so we could get in free!! Scamp had a blast splashing around with her cousins. I even got some quality time with my nephew, Ian, when he, Scamp and I went on a boat ride around the lake.

Thursday we had the day off from our usual Thursday night get-together, so we headed to McDonald's. Scamp played in the very hot and muggy Play Place, then we went to Hastings to rent Happily Never After. I thought it was a very good kid's movie.

Friday, my mom and niece, Alex, came up and took Scamp and I out to eat and shopping. Scamp got a new bathing suit to take on our beach vacation next week. Beef and I rented Bridge to Terabithia. It was a good movie, but nothing like what I expected. I would have liked a little less reality and a little more CGI.

It was a busy and exhasuting week, but we managed to go to bed really early one night and get the extra sleep we needed. God kept us all safe, especially during the scattered thunderstorms we've had. Sonya and I have decided to be email accountability partners, meaning we make a list of goals for the week like reading the Bible and praying daily, then email each other our progress on Thursdays. We also pray for each other throughout the week. It's been a blessing.

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Anonymous said...

Whew! What a week. Sorry about your car. That stinks. I bet the water park was fun. I liked the slide show. I hope you have a safe and very fun vacation! I am so jealous.

Nancy Brown said...

What a week!! Thanks for the comment. Life sure is fun HUH! over heating cars are horrible. Good Job on the Study. Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a pretty busy week. I'm sorry about the car. Those things are icky, LOL!! Glad you got out and had some retail therapy, though! :o)

Sonya said...

I hate it when the car breaks! There's nothing worse expect maybe the dentist! I felt the same way after watching Bridge to Terabithia and have not seen the other movie yet. The girls and I are home alone this week and may rent it! Rent Miss Potter...great movie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your car! I think that you and Sonya have a great idea. It certainly helps to be accountable!