Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

How did you find out you were pregnant, how did you share the news with your hubbie... how did you tell your family?

Come travel back to the day you found out you were pregnant and share it with the group!

I found out through a home pregnancy test that I was pregnant after 3 months of "trying." The day was even more special because Beef's younger sister, Beth, who is my age, gave birth to her second son that same day. I had worked all day then went home and took the test, then drove to see her and new baby G in the hospital. Beef had taken the earlier part of the day off to be there at the birth, but I couldn't. Therefore, I didn't see Beef before leaving to visit his sister.

Beth, Shan (Beef's older sister) and I were the only one's in her room. They, of course, got on the conversation of it being my turn to have a baby, and I couldn't resist telling them I had just taken the test. Keep in mind I hadn't even told Beef. We agreed I should tell him in a special way. On the way home, I stopped off at Wal Mart, bought a "Welcome Baby" balloon and an "I Love Daddy" bib. I tied the positive pregnancy test to the bib then to the balloon. Beef arrived shortly after I had gotten home but went upstairs to finish a couple of things on the computer. I set the balloon up in the living room, grabbed the video camera, and asked him to come down to check out the baby gift -- the idea being he would assume it was for his sister.

He took another ten minutes to come down before I yelled up again. This time, he raced down the steps, and I asked him what he thought of the "gift."

"It's a little small. Don't you think?" he said.

I told him to take a good look at it all the while filming him. He smiled a questioning smile, and I asked him what he thought he was looking at. He still wasn't getting the idea! I pointed to the test and after a couple of minutes he finally figured it out.

"You're going to be the daddy!" I said. He was so ecstatic. He thought the pregnancy stick was a security tag!!

I confessed I told his sister's first who were bound to secrecy. We decided it would be best for me to take the confirming test at the doctor's office before we told our parent's. I went the next day, then called Beef with the news. We decided to each call our mothers at work to share the news. Both were so thrilled and got on the phone themselves to tell everyone else.

Join in the fun at Annie's.

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Anonymous said...

Great story! How nice that you have pictures!

Coach J said...

How cool! And I like that you have pictures, too!
I know he was estatic when he found out the news since he was wanting a baby!

annie said...

See, that's what I'm talking about! creativity! Love your story.

Sonya said...

You are very creative! I think this is such a sweet way to share this special kind of news!

Nancy Face said...

That was such a cute way to tell your hubby! I ♥ that it took him so long to figure it out! :D

The pictures are great...thank you for sharing your fun story! :)

Amanda said...

How funny! Great story.