Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This Same Time Last Year

September 21, 2006

September 22, 2007

September 22, 2007

It time's again to walk back down memory lane and see where Scamp was at one year ago at this time. Our trip to my hometown county fair is usually the week of my birthday (and now Scamp's) every year. It's beginning usually marks the change of our humid, sweltering summer weather into the cool crisp breezes of the fall. But this year, the mugginess is hanging on like a not-so-agile cat swinging from a tree branch by a claw. I'm so ready for that cat to fall (and, of course, land feet first into a pile of freshly fallen autumn leaves).

Last year's carnival was a bit cooler and more bearable, and not a drop of the typical rain showers hit the paved walkway that circles the smorgasbord of rides. One of Scamp's favorite rides was the carousal, along with thousands of other children who stand in line to mount the prancing ponies. And it's the best ride to take pictures of since the colors make a perfect backdrop that just screams fun.

That's Nana (my mom) holding tight to Scamp. Last year, I sat right up on that horse with Scamp but didn't get the chance this year -- and not just because I was afraid a carney would bring out the pony whip and not so nicely ask me to dismount for fear the animal might plunge to the ground shattering into thousands of brightly colored glazed porcelain pieces causing the other children to scream in shock and dismay over the dead horsey. No, I would have chanced that, but my mom and sister wanted turns with Scamp.

And check out the fact that my mom is wearing an almost identical shirt from last year. Sorry . . . I had to point that out.

I hope to post more fall photos as the month continues, and I celebrate my one year stint in bloggyland!

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Vader's Mom said...

She needs to stop growing. It's just not fair.

Donetta said...

I love her new hair cut. Happy birthday. I am glad you were born!

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely photos of your mom and Scamp together. Nice to see how Scamp has grown.

My son and I love riding carousels too especially at night when all the lights are up and it almost feels magical.