Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekend Reflection

I miss the reflections!! And who says I have to reflect on Saturdays anyway? So, I'm doing my own.

This has been one long exhausting weekend not only for me but for my dear sweet hubby as well. The new account he's working on at work has caused him to be on the computer pretty much when he's awake this week. He took a few breaks here and there to help out with Scamp, but it's been me and her for the most part the last few days.

Yesterday, my cousin LeChelle, her kids, her mom and LeChelle's little sisters took a trip to the local Discovery Center here and invited Scamp and myself. We had so much fun painting and building with blocks and splashing in the child size waterway/dam system. Scamp was soaked even though she had on a water smock. The best part was the Shadow Wall. Have you seen one of those before? Basically, you pose flat up against the specially made wall, turn the lights out, then presto, your shadow has been "glued" to the wall. I'm glad no one else wanted a turn because we posed and posed. Scamp would even pose by herself, one leg hiked up and belly flat to the wall. She squealed and laughed her head off. LeChelle is quite the creative cat and had ideas like holding a child up off the ground and plastering him to the wall to make him fly! She even did a handstand and made a cheer leading pyramid-type pose with all the kids. You have to see the pictures.

Today, LeChelle and I treated ourselves to a spa pedicure and manicure respectively. I decided on the French manicure. The treatment included an exfoliation scrub and massage, but the lady charged me extra for the French style instead of just a basic polish. No other spa has done that to me before. LeChelle got the great bargain with her pedicure. They had the fanciest pedicure chairs we had ever seen, decked out with pillows and the room had mood lighting to add to our relaxation. We were living it up! LeChelle nearly fell asleep during her hour and a half treatment. I would have chosen the same, but my icky nails keep me from letting anyone work on them! Yeah, I know -- TMI!

I headed to Hastings after grabbing a bite to eat to browse the books and movies. I found a great deal. I bought a used hardcover edition of "The Begotten" by Lisa T. Bergren for $5.00 with the same edition, only new, was sitting beside it for $23.00. Them I got a used copy of "The Hidden" by Kathyrn Mackel with a $5.00 coupon. Yeah!

Later, I'll be watching Memoirs of a Geisha as research for my costume for the Masquerade Ball.

Thank you, Honey, for watching Scamp while I got some much needed me time!!

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Vader's Mom said...

What a fun time and lovely nails. Let me know what you think about those books...I really miss Hastings being right up the street. What a wonderful store,

Sonya said...

Love the nails! All mine are broken right now but I think I'll get a french manicure next time! Looks nice. Glad you had a good time with your cousin!

Donetta said...

Hello, How much fun you LeCelle gifted in her creativity. I am so glad you had so much fun!
Thank you for your supportive comment about the envelopes. I used to use only cash and for the last many years am using a debit card. I think there is something to be said for taking the time to write a check or use the cash system. That debit card leaves no memory of what spent until you go over it at months end.
It is a challenge to find the missing items my daughter stashes. I found a laundry basket just outside her bed room door helps for pick ups.
I love your nails. Your hand is so pretty.