Friday, November 16, 2007

To All My Blog Buddies

I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting you guys as often as I'd like. I've been busy with our new little venture -- the teen book review blog. So even my posts here are short. I will be around to visit you guys soon.

BTW, we weren't able to go on Girls' Night Out. We had severe thunderstorms with lots of lightening. We are all a little more cautious since one of our own was struck -- such a freak accident . It's still hard to believe.

Today, Scamp and I will be Christmas shopping with my mom and grandmother. It's become a tradition every year that we as well as my sister go clothes shopping and pick out some of our own Christmas presents. Don't get me wrong, I love surprises, but I also loves clothes (that fit) and spending the time with the girls of my family. I need to go get ready, so I'll hopefully be able to do my blog reading rounds very soon. I love you guys!


Jeannene said...

"How fun, i do have to go shopping with others to pick your own!" Too risky uh? Come by today and see my Friday show & tell. Happy day to you friend!
xo Jeannene

gail@more than a song said...

I hope you had fun shopping and got some good stuff! I have to pick my gifts out at times too. Need to get at shopping but just haven't yet.
Wow, that was a freak accident! Good thing to be cautious

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope Scamp is doing much better now and also your FIL.

Hope you had fun shopping. I haven't started with mine yet. I better start soon. Take care.

Sonya said...

I would love to have a girl's shopping day. It seems my mom can never get off work long enough!