Friday, November 02, 2007

Vote for the Best Costumes

**Scamp's Place hasn't been added to the Best Adult Costume yet. The poll is open until Nov. 5, so I'll let you know what to do about voting. But, I think you can leave a comment at An Island Life to vote if you'd like to go ahead***

It's time to vote for the 2007 Halloween Contest participants at an Island Life. Scroll down or click here to view my two entires.

The poll is open. Click here to vote for Scamp's Place for the Best Child Costume AND Best Adult Costume.


1 comment:

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Shawna. I hope you win both contests. Hope the message I left at Kailani's blog stating my votes will be counted. I'll hop there after this.

Sorry wasn't able to reply to your email. Yohan has been sick. He is absent from school today but he seems better. I just want him to rest and stay home where I can monitor him.

Take care.