Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Survived the Weekend

We survived the weekend. We had a good time visiting with my great aunts and uncles on Saturday, but we didn't have any pictures made this year. Scamp was over her virus by then but Sunday, Beef woke up with it. He even had to work while he was feeling sick. Poor baby. Our friend Jeff flew over for a couple of days, but we couldn't see him but for a few minutes. We didn't want to pass the virus along.

Beef is feeling much better now. He will have to finish up his work this week, then he has Christmas through New Year's off since he saved some vacation days. We still aren't through shopping, but we are slowly making up for lost shopping days last week.

Scamp got her first haircut today (outside of her Meme and her Nana trimming her bangs). She did so well. I didn't even think to bring the camera. She sat by herself and was so still when she needed to be. We got home, and Beef said, "Her hair still looks the same." It does. Maybe next time we'll let the hairdresser spice things up.

I'm off to finish some books. I'm so thankful to have some down time.


Sonya said...

Man, it's tough when one person in the family gets a virus because it always spreads!

We haven't finished our shopping either and I'm hoping we'll do that in a few days. Life is so hectic, isn't it?

Donetta said...

I hope all of you get well soon!