Monday, January 07, 2008

Thirty Days of Housecleaning Challenge

I by no means consider myself a good housekeeper. I loathe it actually and had rather do other things. I'm also a piler. I leave piles of paper and books and clothes everywhere. Many times our dining room table is so full of piles of junk that you can't see the surface at all!

This is one reason I get so frustrated with cleaning because I have to pick up everything before I even start to clean, which sometimes can take over an hour - time I don't have to spare since my daughter still requires a lot of my attention. But when New Year's came around, I couldn't bare the thought that our house was chaotic. Therefore, I cleaned, picked up my piles from the kitchen and living room (we won't talk about the bedroom...yet), and with hubby's help put up all the Christmas decorations that day to get ready for our party.

Since then I've kept things picked up, which makes it easy to wipe down surfaces and vacuum since I won't have to mess with the pre-cleaning stage. I've decided to challenge myself to keep my things put away for 30 days, starting from New Year's Day. It's been work but not as much work as before. Hopefully, if I accomplish this, I can add more to the list next month, like organizing our closets.

Anyone else up for this challenge? All you have to do is set an obtainable housecleaning goal for yourself, write about your progress, and link back to this post. Then you're off to clean.


Irritable Mother said...

Good for you, Shawna.
This is the motto I came up with when we were getting ready to move this summer. If you always clean your house when it doesn't need it, it never will!
Yeah, easier said than done - but I'm finding that taking care of things as I see the need (rather than just stepping over it!) really helps.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness... I keep up with cleaning or straightening pretty well. I am extremely anal, but I have so much junk in the house I feel as though the house is about to take us over... especially after all the Christmas presents and junk! I need to dejunk and declutter! Organize and make things easier to get to!

gail@more than a song said...

I so need to do something like this! Am still trying to get it put back together after Christmas but haven't felt good so it's going slow. I should be getting tons done, our blogs are down and I should have lots of time but just not motivated! Hopefully the blogs will be back soon, if Stacy's hubby can get them going!