Thursday, February 28, 2008

30 Days of Housecleaning Revisited

Last month I challenged myself to keep the house picked up for 30 days. Here's the original post. Well, it's been over a month, and I've really done well with this. I have actually kept our dining room table clean of my stuff. It's the new home of all of hubby's RC Airplanes now though! I have worked extra hard on keeping the kitchen fairly clean. I've been known to sweep at 10 pm now. Who would have thought I would be that person?

My next challenge will be to clean up all the piles and piles of stuff in our bedroom. Hubby has his own piles, too, and he's even agreed to help me with this. We have the most beautiful furniture in there that God provided, but you can't see the gorgeous granite tops because of all the clothes and piles of papers. I am so ashamed to show the before pictures, but maybe that will give me more incentive to clean up.

Hubby's response to me showing the pictures: "Do you ever think you show a little too much of yourself on your blog?"

Well, sometimes.


Sonya said...

LOL! Jeff asked me the same thing once! Too funny!

I think the before photos really help motivate us to get these things done. I know that's true for me :-o)

annie said...

Good job on keeping it up, my room always seems to come last too... maybe because no one else goes in there :)

Vader's Mom said...

Good Luck! We've hired Jeff's mom to clean our house now. I just don't have the energy when I get home and Jeff doesn't want to spend his days off cleaning either.

I'm so proud of you!!

Jeannene said...

Sorry I haven't been around much lately! I miss you, and hope your well. Wow looks like it's quite a challenge. We have our home currently on the market. I have to clean daily..."it is so tiring and very hard!!"


gail@more than a song said...

My hubby would probably say the same thing if he knew how many pictures I put on my blog! But he barely knows I have it much less read it.
It sometimes does give us that incentive....good job on all your cleaning.