Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday

High School Graduation Edition
What do you remember about graduating from high school? Was there anything special about the actual ceremony you remember? What did you do after graduation?
I graduated from a class of about 350 students in 1996. Prior to graduation, the girls were asked to vote on which color robe they wanted to wear, red or black (like the guys). My sister's red robe looked almost pink when she graduated so I tried to convince my girlfriends to vote for black, unsuccessfully I might add. But, when my fuschia robe arrived, it was 5 times too big and drug the ground. So, I ended up wearing my sister's robe. Thank goodness we had the same color.
My favorite part of graduation was being able to share it with my cousin Chad, who sat right next to me. He had been voted class president and gotten the reigning Miss Tennessee to speak for our class. Chad is such a goof ball and of course cut up during all the speeches. He gave one himself, but I remember he was so sad he cried. He would probably hate that I shared that. I was more glad than sad because I was hoping to leave my geekdom behind.
After the ceremony, our families reserved the banquet room at Shoney's to celebrate mine and Chad's graduation along with another family friend we had grown up with, Brad. After the party, I attended Project Graduation at the middle school. It's an all night event for graduating seniors and their friends with all kinds of food, games, and prizes. I won a Walkman (CD-style). Remember the days of the Walkman before MP3 players? One lucky student walked away with a car. About 3 hours into the night, my dad walked in with a very stern look on his face. The lady who checked me in the front door forgot to do just that, check my name off. It was all a big misunderstanding which certainly freaked my parents out. We were able to leave at 6am to begin our new lives! Mine would start the next Monday since I started a college English class immediately. What was I thinking?

Share your memories!


Barbara H. said...

It sounds like such a fun time!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a great memory.

annie said...

That's so cool that you got to sit by your cousin.

Nancy Face said...

I loved your story! :)

Haha, I am so low tech, I STILL have a Walkman! :D

Sonya said...

Great memories! After our graduation ceremony, a group of friends (myself included) hopped the fence to the community pool. We went swimming for awhile and then went driving around graveyards. I have no idea why. I wasn't driving....I was just a passenger! LOL!