Friday, June 06, 2008


I really miss Weekend Reflection because it was a way for me to reflect back over the week and see how God had blessed me and my family. So, I just want to take a minute to reflect now and just be thankful.

Often times I find myself envying others' new homes, and I have to remind myself that got provided for us with ours. As my husband and I both agree, our house may not be as nice as some of our friends, but people want to come and hang out here often. God provided us with exactly what we needed to be able to welcome others into our home, and that is far more of a blessing.

I am thankful for the ability to be able to get out and go. Sometimes I take that for granted. I often grumble about my sore feet, but I still have the ability to walk and to play with my daughter. I can still leave the house and go to the park, the store, or the movies whenever I want.

I am so appreciative of my loving husband who often takes my grumpy and irritable moods with a smile. I struggle in this area daily and am brought to my knees in repentance over and over. I am thankful that God can change me...if only I'll be willing to let him.

Those were just s few things that have been on my mind recently. Sometimes, it's nice to write them out in order to put them in perspective. Have a wonderful weekend!


annie said...

Great reflections Shawna.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

These are wonderful, Shawna! I love reading what others are grateful for, it reminds me of that in my own life :)

Coach J said...

I miss reading other's reflections too. I know what you mean about your house. We have a nice house in a nice neighborhood, but we don't have all the stuff that some of our friends have. Or the bigger house in the nicer neighborhood to go with all that stuff. BUT we don't have all the payments either. We've got to keep our focus on what's most important: God! If He allows all the stuff with a nicer, bigger house-fine. If not-fine. Thanks for the reminder!

Sonya said...

We need to start Weekend Reflections back up! It was a wonderful time each week to truly reflect on things that had happened in the week.

I struggle with the same thing as far as my hubby is concerned. Sometimes I wonder how he lives with me! God is gracious though and matures me a little more each day. For that, I am so thankful!