Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're Halfway There

Wednesday...Hump Day (the middle of the week). We have made it over halfway through VBS. Each day has been a little better as far as less exhaustion. Beef and I started Sunday off with the two-year olds in the nursery. 18 of them. No that wasn't a mistake. About five of them left right after choir was over in the service. Then, the nursery director sent in the cavalry. A couple of ladies came and took another 5 of them on a 30-minute buggy ride.

But, for VBS myself and two other ladies have only had about 7 but for twice as long. The kids have all been really sweet, but we have had a few melt downs. Thank goodness only one at a time though. I think all the other classes are going well, but I've only really been focused on Scamp's class. They are the workers' kids. I can't wait to see everything that God is accomplishing this week.

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Coach J said...

Kudos to you!