Friday, January 23, 2009

An Exhausting But Fun Week

Whew! I'm in my comfy clothes today with absolutely no plans. Scamp's still in her jammies, and we just enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes and eggs for our 11:00 am breakfast. Sleeping in to 10:00 am was nice.

We've had to be out the door before nine almost everyday this week. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but being pregnant and not used to putting that much energy into mornings everyday has taken the breath out of me.

Monday was MOPS, and did I have a good time sharing in my small group. All the ladies in my group are so very nice. We plan to have a Girl's Night Out next week.

Tuesday was Toddler Gymnastics. Scamp had a good time learning to do forward rolls and log rolls, walking on the squishy balance beam and singing songs with her teacher. We then went to ABCs 123s to learn the letter T and play train with 20 plus toddlers. Exhausting!

Wednesday was BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). We had to read almost the entire book of Leviticus the few days before class. After class, I dropped Scamp off at home and went to our monthly group fellowship. Again, God has blessed me with wonderful, loving group buddies.

Thursday was another doctor's appointment. I'm 29 weeks and will be going to the doctor every 2 weeks from now on. All is well! The appointment was short, but the drive was long. We went to McDonald's and Wal Mart after the visit. Wal Mart yet again whipped my tushy! Thursday is also our game night. We got some awesome pictures of all the kiddos that came. I hope to share them soon.

Today, Friday. My only tedious task is baths for Scamp and myself. I'm resting up for that! I'll need to rest today to handle the weekend. Saturday won't be too bad, but we have a family breakfast at 8:00 am. I'm not a morning person.:) Sunday, Beef and I have the 3 year olds in nursery. We'll both need a day to recover from that. They're all bundles of energy and fun. Let's hope we can keep up!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Get some rest girl, after a week like that, and a full weekend ahead, you need every second of rest and relaxation you can get :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, take care of you and BabyGirl!

hyperactive lu said...

Sound like a fun and exciting week! Yes, pregnancy and Wal-Mart WIPE me out! Just the buggy and the pushing and the belly...ugh! I don't look forward to the whole pregnancy waddle and feelings! :)

I didn't know you did MOPS either! This is my second year and I love it! The gals are super fantastic and I always feel so encouraged.

BSF was a biggie last week, wasn't it?! Goodness! All that reading..and reading...and reading...and then the questions...just about wiped me out. I had to leave quite a few questions blank. I just didn't devote time to it last week. This week is good so far.

Have a nice weekend!

annie said...

It seems like it's going so fast, it's always that way when someone else is pregnant... when it's you time seems to stand still :)

Vikki Wright said...

Yay...I found your site! It's fun and colorful! Sounds like you are one busy mama! Hope you get the rest you need somehow in the midst of all the activity. 'Scamp' is little 3 year old, Keziah, would love her. I loved reading Scamps sayings, especially 'My girls are comin' over'...hilarious. They're a lot of hard work but so worth it! Well done, and be blessed!

Elizabeth said...

I cant believe your 29 weeks already! You look so cute. Where do you go to MOPS at?