Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scamp's Animal Parade

I had my 38-week doctor's appointment today and found out there has been no progress towards me going into labor. It is getting harder to wait. I took Scamp with me to the office. She is always so good while we're there and hides behind the little changing curtain and pretends it's her house.

After we left the building and got to the car, I cried. Scamp was really concerned and said, "Why you cryin', Mama?" I told her I was just ready to have the baby. She told me we were going to see baby sister soon and not to cry. She was so sweet.

We went to the outlet mall after that and got some specialty chocolates. I needed something to cheer me up. We went home, and I let her play for another hour before bed. I fixed her a snack and told her I was coming up to her room to put her to bed, and this is what I found: Scamp smirking from ear-to-ear and all (I mean all) her animals and babies lined up on the steps for an Animal Parade. This made my day. You've got to see the video below.


hyperactive lu said...

She is so cute! I love her accent!!! She's so Southern! :)

Sorry about the doc appt! I hope she pops out soon for ya! :)

Carrie said...

Well I remember that time and trying to convince the dr. to just go ahead and INDUCE it already! =)

But chocolate is good. Not as good as not being pregnant anymore but it certainly helps!

Karie Lee said...

She's so cute. Hang in there, your little baby girl will be in your arms before you know it!

Beth said...

Gavin & Boppy loved it ! Great Job Lianna !!!

Sonya said...

She is so incredibly adorable! Love that strong southern accent! My kinda gal!