Friday, March 06, 2009

Snow Days '09

It usually snows here in March, and we certainly didn't miss out on snow this year. We got a whopping 2-3 inches! At least this year, we had enough snow to make a snowman before it melted away. BTW, that's Scamp's birthday cake above.
I was so glad to have a coat that actually zipped. Squirt was all bundled up!

At my parent's home about 30 minutes away they got several more inches. My mom measured 9 inches. This was the second day of snow when Scamp and I traveled up to see my niece, nephew and dad who were off for the day.

I wish I could have rode the sled my dad hitched up to his T-Rex. Maybe next year.


gail@more than a song said...

We get snow about once a year here too, only a couple of inches this time but ours didn't stick around but half a day! That was ok with me though. You don't look big at all in that picture, you can't be close to having a baby.

Scamp looks like she's changed sooo much in the pictures you have below! She's getting more grownup....maybe it's her hair that has changed her looks a bit. Yep, you might have some trouble when she does wear make up!

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely and fun photos. It's summer here and it's getting hotter each day. I would appreciate a bit of cold weather right now. :)