Monday, May 18, 2009

Singing Songs

I have a favorite song I sing with each girl. Funny, but you think the songs would be sweet lullabies. They aren't. Scoodle's is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. We bounce and dance to the chorus, and Scamp even tries to sing it. Scamp's song was Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. Scoodle likes that one, too. I have know idea why I chose those particular songs. They aren't necessarily my favorites, but they are fun and have a nice beat to groove, too.


Karie Lee said...

That is so funny! I've done the same thing, except I've changed the lyrics to be about them.
Spielberg's song is to the beat of the slinky song and then one of Madonna's songs, Who's that girl. Socrates is the tune of Louis, Louis. Sunshine's song is to La Bamba. And, like you, I have no idea why those songs, they just popped into my little noggin when I held them as a babies. They love them though and always ask me to sing them. It's fun. I hope that you had fun at the park today.

Sarah B. said...

Micah's was "Baby, Bye, Bye, Bye". . . was that by the Backstreet Boys or nSync? He loved it because he could sing with it as soon as he started saying "Bye Bye".

Lu said...

They are upbeat songs!!!

Bubbie sings I Like to Move It, Move it from Madagascar. Ha! So impressing at church when they ask for a song and instead of Jesus Loves Me, he says I Like to Move It, Move It and starts singing and dancing!