Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Mama

Scamp so loves her baby sister and takes many opportunities to play with her. I usually make Scoodle a bed on the couch with a blanket so that she can watch everything that Scamp happens to be getting into for the moment. Scamp typically has a purse filled with needed essentials: baby bottles, baby clothes, dress-up clothes for herself, toy food, make-up, everything that she needs to take care of herself and her favorite stuffed animal of the day.

Scoodle won out today. I peeped into the living room from the kitchen and saw Scamp feeding Scoodle with a plastic baby bottle. The best part was that Scoodle was playing along trying to get a drink. She was cooing and mouthing, very happy about the attention.

A couple of days ago, Scamp stacked several stuffed kitties and bears around Scoodle's head for her to play with. Scoodle could barely move, but she had a look of content on her face from being able to "play" with her big sister. She seems to love Scamp as much as Scamp loves her.

And for the first time today, I became a "real mama." I couldn't believe it. I had been waiting for so long. Scamp took her magic wand, sang "Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo," and said, "Now you're a real mama."

"I wasn't one before?" I asked.

"No," she stated matter-of-factly.

Oh, what fun conversations we have.

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