Thursday, August 13, 2009


Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy is one of Dekker's newest books. I'm reading the hard cover borrowed from a friend. When I hear the name Ted Dekker I often think freaky, supernatural thriller. I've read the first two books of his Circle Trilogy that I've thoroughly enjoyed. But, some of his other books like Adam, taken from the perspective of a serial killer, sounds too horrific to me. But, when I read the back of Kiss at the Christian book store, I wanted to read it right away.

One reason is that the main character is a female and not to mention has an incredible name, Shauna. The cover of the book is a bit misleading to me because it looks like the heroine is a seductress...hardly. I spent the first few chapters wondering when the cover of the book was going to make sense.

Here's the synopsis: Shauna, the daughter of a multi-billion dollar business man and presidential candidate, wakes up from a coma with 6 months of her memory missing. It seems as though everyone around her wants her to forget her past and move on, but the story they've told her about the car accident that caused her coma and her brother's brain damage just doesn't add up. When she decides to search for answers on her own, strange things begin to happen as she discovers a new and scary ability. And, those who say they are her friends just may be the ones she needs to flee.

Kiss was face-paced and exciting, and the plot reminded me somewhat of the Circle Trilogy books by Ted Dekker. If you haven't read a Ted Dekker book, this is a great one to start with.

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