Monday, December 11, 2006

A Northside Christmas

The Christmas program at our chuch was such a blessing. There was drama and lots of music. There was an intermission in between the two acts where we all joined in with Christmas songs. The play went through the nativity, the miracles, the crucifixion, and the resurrection of Jesus. I cried during the miracles and crucifixion. The most moving part to me was when the choir sang "Mary Did You Know?" by Mark Lowry.

I really love this song now, especially since I am a mother myself. She was in love with baby Jesus just like I am with Scamp, which brings about another point. What a horror for her to watch her Son be tortured and die on the cross for the sins of others, even her own sins. What courage, mercy, and grace God must have given her to be able to withstand that! I am thankful for Jesus' gift to me. He is truly the reason for Christmas.

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Jessica said...

That program sounds so neat!

BTW...I think this is my first time to your blog...feel free to stop by my blog and say hello as well!