Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cheesy Romantic Poems

I'm in the mood for a little laughter. Here's one of my silly poems for Beef! I love you, Honey!

Matt's Love Poem

My Beefy Pot is so sweet.
He takes me out to eat.
He fixes picnic lunches
And gives me flower bunches.
He puts air in my tires
And builds me marshmallow fires.
He takes me on long walks
And listens when I talk.
He laughs at my cheesy jokes
And tickles me with sharp pokes.
He rents me girly movies
And kisses me ‘til I’m woozy.
He chases me in the house
And kills our sneaky mouse.
He throws me on the bed
And rubs me toes to head.
He likes it when I laugh
And when I take his brownie half.
He rubs my back just right
And says sorry when we fight.
He loses poker with a smile
And still forgives me when I’m hostile.
He takes long naps on Sunday
And goes to work on Monday.
He buys me diamond rings
And romantic songs he sings.
He whispers in my ear
And cares for me sincere.
He’ll love me ‘til I’m old
And in his arms he’ll hold
Me ‘til we part goodbye
And meet again in the sky.


Vader's Mom said...

That's so cute! Will he have a response?

Matt said...

Thanks, Sweetie! That's a great poem that I'd like to think captures the essence of what Beef aspires to be perfectly. :)

Love you!