Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thursday Night Group: Girls' Night

We just had another girls' night last Thursday and had so much fun. I typically get together with my friends from our Thursday night group. Just to clarify, Beef and I have been meeting with this group for over 5 years. It started out as a Bible study for the College & Career class. As we got older, married, and started having kids, our group changed somewhat, but we still get together almost every Thursday for support even though our original church split two years ago Easter. We now attend at least 2 different churches, but we will always be connected. We range in age from 16 to 31, not including the 5 babies, 3 and under.

A typical Thursday is everyone meeating at out house at 7pm for dinner. We watch "Survivor" (when it's on), eat, and play video games. We all love Dance Dance Revolution, but haven't played in a while since our two new favorites are Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution.

Sometimes, just the girls get together. We did last week to celebrate three January birthdays: Janice, Letha, and Greyson. Happy Birthday, Girls! We ate at Chili's and went over to Greyson's for games and her homemade chocolate chip cookies. We played the Family Feud DVD game, Scene it DVD game, and watched "The Office."

I'm waiting now for the Snapfish website to work correctly so that I can edit the pictures I took on Thursday and get them printed. What a fun night we had!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So fun that you have this great group to get together with! Sounds like a lot of fun, good friends, good food, good fellowship, good TV, those are all happy things in my book.

We watch Survivor too, do you watch 24?! Starts tomorrow!

Vader's Mom said...

Sounds fun! I miss all you guys. Wish we were able to be part of your group.