Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blog Talkers #5

Tell us about your first love. What did you learn about yourself from that relationship/experience? What kind of life do you think he/she is living today?

I was 15. He was 16, and we met at band camp. I didn't know he had a girlfriend, or I wouldn't have hung out with him so much. But, after camp, he broke up with her to "go out" with me. He was very energetic, liked to be the center of attention, and was pretty obnoxious about it. But, I didn't mind at the time. He was a romantic, a singer, and played the sax and guitar. He used to sing songs to me. We didn't ever really go on dates but a time or two because I couldn't date until I was 16.

He was very smart but didn't apply himself to his school work. He wanted to work in the computer industry, so that may be what he's doing today. We went out about a year before he broke up with me. He said he felt guilty because he had kissed a couple of girls over the summer while we were apart. I hated him after that, but finally forgave him. He went off to a Christian college, and I think dropped out. He was married and has at least one child, maybe more. I think we live in the same city now.

I hid my feelings a lot in our relationship because I didn't know any other way. But, eventually I learned that I needed to trust people, needed to share my feelings, and could have my own likes and dislikes without people disliking me. I really could be my own person.

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Rob said...

Your response was lovely to read. In a short space of time you've managed to convey exactly what so many younger folk need to realise in a relatively short space of time - that there are people who'll treat you like rubbish, but there's always going to be others that are much better.

Too many people live in the past - it's great to see you're not one of them and can move on.

Great read - cheers!