Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blog Talkers #11

If you had to spend a year on a deserted island with any five bloggers, who would you choose and why?

Oh, just five bloggers. We'll see if I can narrow it down. I'm still fairly new to the blogging world, but I've made several friends already. Here are my chocies in no particular order:

Kooky Kay because she would definitely keep me entertained with stories of her little Tornado. We can really relate to each other as well since our kids are about the same age, and I would love to talk about our cultural differences since she's from the Philippines.

Exceedingly Mundane because we could have some great conversations about anything and everything. She is also a great cook, and I know she could whip us up some really innovative delicacies on the island. She is also a very sweet and sincere person, and I would love to get to know her better.

Vader's Mom because we are friends outside of the blogging world. It's funny because we were never friends when we lived in the same city but now we are even though we live states apart. She is also a great encourager and would keep us all upbeat as we wait for rescue. It would be a great time for us to bond, and I know we could get into a lot of trouble together:)

Mommy of Two because she is a dear, sweet encourager as well. We would share stories about our adorable children, and she could give me insight into raising a little girl since hers is a few years ahead of mine.

Mo Mhíle Grá because we are just getting to know each other. We could have some wonderfully insightful conversations about our lives, families, children, God, etc. I think we both have a great desire to further God's kingdom and would definitely be kindred spirits.

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Sonya said...

Awwww, so sweet of you to say! I am looking forward to our getting to know each other better. I think we do have several things in common and could probably relate to each other in alot of those things!

Vader's Mom said...

Trouble. Now why would you ever think *I* would get into any trouble? (evil laugh) I'm the sweetest little thing :)

But seriously, I would love to have some time to hang out just the two of us. I think we would have a blast!

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet. Thank you for including me. I would love to be hanging out with you girls anywhere anytime!

jdoriot said...

I love Judi and Sonya...they would be on my list too!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I sooo meant to do this one, but never got to it before the week was up. You are so sweet to include me! If I had to be stranded, I'd love for it to be with some of you wonderful ladies :)

Have a great day!