Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Little Piece of Family History


Click on the picture above to view the album, then choose slideshow.
My mother found some more old pictures of my grandmother (my dad's mom), who passed away when he was a child. I leafed through the pictures without my mom telling me who they were of. I came across one picture in particular (the one with my grandmother and her BIL) and saw a shocking resemblance to myself! I had heard I looked like her but never imagined just how much! It may be harder for you to see the resemblance especially if you didn't know me as a child. One of my first posts has another picture of her when she was a little older.


Vader's Mom said...

Yuppers! There's a family resemblance there!! :) It's so fun to flip through those old photos and find the family you look the most like.

Sonya said...

There's a HUGE resemblence! I can see it through your childhood pics so well! That's pretty cool because you guys could pass for sisters, maybe even twins!

annie said...

I love old pictures. There is one of Matt's great grandfather and his brother we have framed and Matt looks just like they took those two men and mixed them up and out came matt. So weird.

annie said...

Wow, I can see the resemblance too!