Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seven, Or Ten Things Meme

Sonya tagged me for this one. I'm supoosed to list 7 random facts about myself and then tag ten people. Well, I don't tag a lot of people, but play along if you would like.

1. I eat everything plain. I dislike most condiments, especially if cold. I can stand heated BBQ sauce and Italian dressing on cooked meats, but if it's room temp or cold, no way. I eat all my sandwiches plain even excluding cheese on burgers. I order my salads with no dressing.

2. I was in band in middle school and high school and played the alto saxophone. I was decent but hated practicing. I even went to band camp all throughout high school. I loved marching band. We had to memorize all our music and steps out on the field. I still have my sax and don't think I could ever sell it.

3. I love puzzles: jigsaw puzzles and puzzle games. I used to get all my puzzles out as a small child and sit in the kitchen floor and work them. I would work jigsaw puzzles now, but I know Scamp would steal my pieces. The new puzzle game I love is Sudoku.

4. I am a registered dietitian. Many of you may already know, but I don't usually (or ever:) write about nutrition on my blog. I was interested in nutrition since my teenage years. I could tell you how many grams of fat were in the foods I ate off the top of my head, but I didn't realize how much I loved the field until I was a sophmore in college. I didn't even now nutrition was a medical field.

5. I'll steal a suggestion from Sonya from her Ten on Tuesday. She loves pink, but I hate the color. I refused to wear it as a child. It was the only color that specifically belonged to girls, so I refused to be pink and frilly. I have outgrown my loathing of the color somewhat. I do wear some dark shades of pink but still will not wear baby girl pink even though I do dress up my Baby Girl in lots of pink. She seems to enjoy it!! Hey, now purple isn't a girly color is it? Cause that's one of my favorites!

6. I was born with jet black hair. My mom has black hair, so she thought it would stay that way. But by the time I was two, my hair had turned sandy blonde. Every time I would get my hair cut short, it would turn brown. When I would grow it out, it would develop blonde streaks. Now, I just highlight it because it would be completely brown.

7. My sister and I gave our lives to Christ on the same night at a church revival in 1990. I was 11, and she was 14. I had actually felt convicted to go up to the front of the church to be saved during the morning service but didn't. I went home to pray about it, but it just didn't seem to be the right time. That night was the first night of revival, and I went forward. I knelt down on the bench in front of the pulpit and began to pray. As is our church's tradition, all the other believers went to the front of the church to pray with me. I lifted my head up to find that everyone was still praying. My mom was beside me and asked if I thought I was saved. I said, "I think so."

It seemed like being saved was supposed to be a huge surge of emotion, but for me being so young, it wasn't. God let me know though when everyone in the whole church began to sing and hug me.

My sister came up to the front after me to pray and continued to pray later on that night at home. I overheard her say to my mother that she had been convicted to go forward when she saw me go up. It was all in God's perfect timing. He used me to help my sister see that she needed Him as well even though I had no idea at the time. God may use us in other people's lives, and we may never know the extent of it. We never know who might be watching.

I would love to know more about everyone else. Leave me a comment.


Simply Dawn Marie said...

Ok I've been playing around blogland and that's how I came by your page. I just love the that about you and your sister gave your lives to Christ on the same night. How special that must have been.

Really enjoyed reading your site so I hope it's ok but I'll be back for more reading!

Sonya said...

Loved reading these answers! I learn so much about people from these memes! Fun, fun, fun. I think being a registered dietitian is really cool. I think it would be easier to cook for my family with all of that knowledge! I'll forgive you that you don't love pink but you earned points since you love purple. I like it too!

annie said...

Purple is a girly color!
No dressing, I now understand why some people act amazed that I don't like fruit (of any kind).
Your salvation story is beautiful. God is good, all the time.

Carrie! :o) said...

Pffft, no pink ... no salad dressing ... what is this world coming to?! LOL!!! I loved reading this. It's fun learning new things about each other!

Michelle said...

Fun information. I like my food really, really hot (temperature, not necessarily spice). Did you ever practice as an RD?

LoveMyStarr said...

Yes, I did practice as an RD at a call center basically giving nutrition and overall wellness advice via phone.