Monday, May 07, 2007

Randomized Questions

I have been randomized by Sonya. She gave me some really great questions for me, so here goes:

1. Do you have a favorite hobby? If so, please share it with us. My favorite hobby right now would be blogging. I love to write, and I love pictures in general. I have been able to do both with my blog. My second favorite hobby is scrapbooking, but I haven't had as much time since Scamp was born and because I blog a lot!!

2. What is your favorite blog to visit and why?
This one is not fair because I have several blogs I love and read on a regular basis. But, if I have to pick one it would be Vader's mom because we're friends outside of the blogging world. I copied her and became a blogger, then she sent some of her blogging buddies over to my site to welcome me. I love reading about her life with Jeff and Vader. We've really been able to connect through email and blogging.

3. Who inspires you most and why?
There are several individuals that have inspired me over the years. I have actually already written about them at my other blog. Click here for my full explanation. In short, I have been inspired by David's life and his writings in the Bible. He has inspired my poetry and my being open and honest with God. Also my Sunday School teacher as a teenager, Margie, inspired me to be a better person through devotion and service for God. Judith, my mentor and friend now, has inspired me to always trust in God and seek his will by living her own life in this manner. And, my friend and cousin Jennifer, who has always been a great encourager and confidant throughout my life, has always inspired me to have hope in the things that God has promised me.

4. What is the most important character trait you wish to instill in your children?
Faithfullness. I hope that through my life I will be able to live a faithful life to God as He has always been faithful to me. We are instructed to have faith, even if it's as small as a mustard seed. God works in the lives of those who are faithful to Him and will fully bless us beyond what we could possibly imagine. We are also called to be faithful in marriage. Sometimes, marriage is extremely difficult, but with God's help and our willingness to continue to love each other, God can and will change our circunstances for the better.

5. What is the most inspiring book you've read to date?
The most inspiring book I've read besides the Bible of course, is "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. I have read through it twice now and have been inspired to serve God in deeper ways both times. The book describes in detail the 5 purposes for our life here on earth. We were made to worship God, to fellowship with God and other believers, to learn discipleship so that we may become like Jesus, to serve God through ministry, and to evangelize or spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I know several of my blogging friends have already played along in one degree or another, but if you would like to be randomized by me, just let me know.


Sonya said...

Great answers! I feel like I've learned a little more about you through this! What you said about being inspired by David is so close to my heart because I too am inspired by him. Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed it!

Vader's Mom said...

I love you! And the more I am able to learn about you through blogging the more I regret we didn't connect until after college. We could have been so much "trouble" then :) We have so very much in common.

And I have to say that the story of David has always been close to my heart and I loved the Beth Moore Bible Study about him. Simply amazing and a great reminder of God's Love for me during a very difficult period of life.