Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wild and Wacky Week

Hopefully, our week of odd occurrences has ended. As you all may know, my daughter Scamp was bit by a stray cat last Wednesday then my father-in-law, Richard, was indirectly struck by lightening while standing in the kitchen of his home on Friday. He was in the hospital a couple of days and came home this Sunday. He is still having some pain and soreness, especially on his right side but is walking and talking just fine. He will have to submit to more testing, even being a part of a research study at Vanderbilt Hospital since they don't usually see lightening strike victims but twice a year and even less with those injuries as minor as his. I am glad to say that God is not finished with my father-in-law yet! How wonderful and merciful He is!

In addition to the cat bite, Scamp came down with a high fever on Saturday that persisted until Monday night. The doctor felt that it was not related to the cat bite, although it still scared us. Beef was up with his dad most of the night on Saturday, then returned home to a sick girl that had us both up (epsecially him) the next two nights. Beef was really going on sleep deprivation, but thankfully we've been able to get some much needed rest the last couple of nights.

With so much going on, we missed Mother's Day. We are yet to celebrate here or with our moms but plan to do so very soon. God has blessed us tremendously with such great and loving mothers (as well as the rest of our family members).

I almost forgot. The pictures above are where the lightening struck the concrete sidewalk then radiated into the kitchen window several feet behind that. Mud from the strick was slung all the way up the side of the house to the roof! What a miracle we have witnessed that Richard was not harmed more than he was!

Please keep Richard in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

I was hoping for an update on your fil. I am so glad he's doing better and out of the hospital. Those pictures gave me the chills. To imagine being in your home and struck. I hope his condition continues to improve.

So sorry to hear Scamp was sick. Poor lil' thing can't get a break this week.

Y'all are all in my prayers!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, that is a lot going on in a short amount of time. I hope Scamp is much better and her parents too :) So glad your FIL is doing well too, what a freak thing. I bet they want him to be a part of a study, hehehe! :)

Hope you guys get the rabies test results back soon, but I bet she's fine. Glad it's all healing. What a scare you guys have had!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! That is unbelieveable! Since we live so close, I am sure we experienced the same storm. We were on our way home last Friday evening when it came through, and I couldn't believe how much lightening there was. I had no idea that your father-in-law was struck. I pray that he will completely recover!

Vader's Mom said...

With a week like that maybe I don't want to risk a visit with your family...NAHHHH. I wish I could have been there to help you through the week. A sick little girl, a stressed hubby and a FIL in the hosptial. We could have Dance, Danced our cares away :) Glad things are looking up this week. You're all still in our prayers.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Shawna. Sorry haven't visited lately. I've been busy with some gatherings lately and hope to catch up with my favorite blogs within the week.

I'm sorry to hear about these unfortunate events. Hope Scamp is feeling much better now. I imagine how scared you must have all been. I'm glad your FIL was not harmed seriously. I hope that he can recover fully.

God bless all of you.