Friday, June 22, 2007

Hand-Carved Steps

I meant to post these earlier. The creek behind my in-laws property has been a place of fun and solitude for my husband's family for years. I can't really do these pictures justice with a story because I've only enjoyed the creek for the past few years, and don't have a whole lot of memories to write from. I did, however, really enjoy the ice-cold water when I was pregnant with Scamp during the steamy summer months, which prompted my Beefy hubby to hand-carve these steps down the steep bank into the creek so that everyone (especially his belly-heavy wifey at the time) could easily step down. Otherwise, we might have slid right off into the mud on our dairy aires. He has to redo them every year because the rain causes them to melt back down into sludge, and the photo above is his most recent endeavor. I would love to hear some of my hubby's tales of this creek again, so as a challenge to you, Baby, I hope you will write about your adventures on your blog.


Matt said...

Well, I've already written a couple of them in the past, but since you asked so sweet, I went ahead and posted one of them on my sadly-underused blog. You can see the post at the following link if you're interested:

Love you, Sweetie!


Vader's Mom said...

Yes sadly-underused it is!! Great job with the steps. How long does it take to recreate those?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! Those steps are so cool, I can't believe he carved those out for you, so sweet! :)