Thursday, June 21, 2007

That's Me, Scamp, and My Daddy

From Scamp: You may have heard my Mama write that I'm my Daddy's Girl, and I am. He's my hero, and I can't wait 'til he comes home from work everyday. That's when he takes me outside, and sometimes let's me get in my pool in my clothes or diaper, or just plain buck naked. Mama always makes me put my swimsuit on.

That's my Daddy up there. Mama said it was Daddy's Day. So I put my best red dress on and picked out my best hat and purse for Daddy's special day. He always picks me up and carries me around when we're together. He's the best fun cause he always lets me stick things in his mouth. Even if it's those old green veggies Mama likes me to eat. Daddy hates them worse than I do but always eats em right up when I give em to him.

Last night after the big sickle drove by our house and made all that awful racket, I woke up thinkin I might sneak out of my bed to see that old sickle. But being in the dark, I pluncked right out of my crib onto my head. Next thing I know, I hear Daddy racin' up the stairs, turn on my light, and grab me up sobbin and all like I was. Mama came up right after him, too. I couldn't believe that sickle woke me up and made me fall out of my bed. And didn't even stop here to give me a ride after all that!

Daddy rocked me and sent Mama downstairs to fetch me a milk since I was still fussin' a bit. Being in my Daddy's arms calmed me down, and he rocked me til I was near alseep, then laid me down in my bed again.

He's a good Daddy, the best there ever was, and no one else can have him cause he's mine! Luv you, Daddy! Come home soon cause me and you have some big plans playin' together.


Anonymous said...

Scamp, it sounds like you have a wonderful Daddy who loves you very much. You are blessed!

Vader's Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your Daddy with us Scamp! Please tell him & your mom how much we really miss them. I hope to meet you soon. (Jeff sends a hug!!)