Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sesame Street - Law and Order: Special Letters Unit

For Stacy:)
Scamp and I saw this on Sesame Street yesterday. I couldn't believe how much of a resemblance there was between the real Munch and his Sesame Street character!


Vader's Mom said...

Thank you! That's so cool!!! I love Sesame Street and I can't believe that they did that. And you're right, that Munch is really close to the real man. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

How cool!

Moe said...

Oh man! Thank you SO much for putting this on your blog! My wife and I watch all the Law and Orders as much as we can. SVU is our favorite and this one with Munch, Benson and Stabler is perfect! Hilarious!


Moe said...

Haha I made my wife come down and watch it and she loved it, too! Thanks, again!